Old Man Shouts at the Wind at National Security Summit

Old Man Shouts at the Wind at National Security Summit May 20, 2015

At that Iowa National Security Action Summit this weekend included a retired admiral, who made some truly warped claims. He said that Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton are working together to destroy America by supporting the reactionary Muslim terrorists.

Not only is Obama anti-American and anti-Western, Lyons said, but he is actively “pro-Islam, pro-Iranian, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood.” Obama’s supposed support of the Muslim Brotherhood, he said, has allowed the group to “penetrate every American national security and intelligence agency”, bringing our nation to ruin from the inside. These infiltrators will soon attempt to substitute the American Constitution with “draconian Sharia Law” if Americans do not act immediately, Lyon warned.

He added that Obama, in his attempt to take down America, is using sequestration “as a vehicle for unilateral disarmament” to weaken the nation and further permit the penetration of Islam.

Obama is not acting alone, however, as according to Lyons Hillary Clinton is in on the deal too. Lyons prefaced his criticism of Hillary Clinton by claiming that the Russian government blackmailed President Bill Clinton using inside knowledge of his affair with Monica Lewinsky, leading Clinton to give the Russians $4.6 billion in “cold, hard cash.”

Unilateral disarmament? For crying out loud, we spend almost as much on the military as every other nation in the world combined. The sequestration deal didn’t even add up to a tiny percent or a percent. This is like claiming that someone is trying to kill you if they give you a manicure.

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