Michael Savage: Brave Hero

Michael Savage: Brave Hero June 18, 2015

The only thing more ridiculous than listening to Michael Savage go on his usual unhinged rant against whatever he’s ranting about unhingedly at any given moment is when he declares himself to be a Brave Hero for doing so. He doesn’t care what it costs him, he’s going to demonize gay people to his dying breath!

Savage lashed out at the ACLU as “the most dangerous organization in American history” and “the worst parasites the world has ever seen in this nation” because it seeks to “poison your child’s mind into accepting a perversion that’s beyond comprehension.”

“Are the straights bullying the gays or are the gays bullying the straights?” Savage continued. “Does anybody tell a gay how to live? No. They wouldn’t dare. Then why do the gays think it’s their right to tell everybody else what to think? Because they can. It was never about equality.”

He added that the “vermin” advocating for gay rights are “sick degenerates” who want to “poison” and “destroy your child’s mind,” adding: “I will not mince words, I don’t care what it costs me anymore, may it be the last day of my broadcast but I’m not going to lie, but I am sick of the sick perverts running and ruining America.”

The courage it must take to demonize and attack a group of people his entire audience hates and fears as much as he does. You’re doing God’s work, Michael Savage. You should be the first recipient of the Congressional Medal of Stupidity.

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