Tony Perkins Tells Whopper of a Lie With Statistics

Tony Perkins Tells Whopper of a Lie With Statistics June 26, 2015

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council is desperate to convince his followers that they’re still going to win on marriage equality, so much so that he just flat out lies about what the polling data shows. Here he is talking about a recent poll on the matter:

In a surprising new trend to pollsters, the gap is widening between Millennials and their Generation X counterparts. Now in their 30s and 40s, the children of Madonna and Ferris Bueller are noticeably more reluctant to redefine marriage than they used to be. “In 2005, five percent more Millennials support gay marriage than Generation Xers, according to Pew Research Center; today, the difference is 14 percent.”

More than double. The shift may have caught liberals off guard — but not us. FRC has argued for years that the older people get, the more socially conservative they become. Once young people shed their rebellious 20s, get married, and have a family, it dramatically alters their perspective on some of these issues. Suddenly, the anything-goes teenager turns into a father who can’t imagine their little girl sharing a bathroom with a grown man or hearing LGBT fairy tales in third grade.

These days, with more young people putting off marriage, the cultural awakening is taking a little longer. But it is happening, as Pew makes very clear. The Left desperately wants to lock young people into a box on issues like marriage — but they shouldn’t be surprised when their opinions “evolve” too.

So according to Perkins, middle aged folks like me are “evolving” to be against same-sex marriage. Now let’s look at the actual data that he links to himself. And the premise of his argument is correct, the gap on marriage equality support is higher now than it was in 2005, when millenials supported equality more than Gen Xers by a margin of 49-44. And what is the gap today? Yep, it’s 14 points. But the margin is now 73-59, which means support for marriage equality among Gen Xers has grown by 15% over the last 10 years, it’s just grown slower than among millenials.

The actual data shows the exact opposite of what Perkins claims it says. Gen Xers are not pulling their support for gay marriage as they get older, that support has grown at a huge rate in a short period of time. But these are the lies you have to tell if you want the money to keep flowing in. If their followers realize that it’s futile to keep fighting, they won’t keep donating to a hopeless cause.

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