The Donald’s Rules Apply to Obama, Not Himself

The Donald’s Rules Apply to Obama, Not Himself June 29, 2015

When Donald Trump was in his birther phase a couple years ago, he demanded that President Obama release both his long-form birth certificate and his passport records of everywhere he had traveled. Now that he’s running for president, he is refusing to release those things about himself.

The Guardian contacted the Trump campaign to request the birth certificate and passport records of the Apprentice host, but a spokeswoman refused to share the documents.

In October 2012, Trump, a prominent figure in the “birther movement” – a loose affiliation of people who claimed Obama was born outside the US – accused Obama of being “the least transparent president in the history of this country” for refusing to release the very details Trump is now refusing to publish.

“We know very little about our president,” Trump said at the time. In a YouTube video the 69-year-old said he would donate $5m to a charity of Obama’s choosing if the president released his college records and applications and passport applications and records.

Yet when Trump’s representatives were contacted and asked to release the same documents the campaign refused to send them, despite the Guardian providing both a fax number and a full postal address. The campaign declined to comment further.

Now here’s the best part. In October, 2012, when Trump was really going hard on this demand that Obama release those records, the Guardian asked for them on Trump and was told that any such demand would be inappropriate because, “Mr Trump’s not the president of the United States and he’s not running for the presidency.” Okay, now he is. I wonder what their excuse will be this time? Probably that some Mexican immigrant rapist stole them.

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