Fischer is Suddenly Concerned About Offending Muslims

Fischer is Suddenly Concerned About Offending Muslims July 3, 2015

Bryan Fischer, who thinks Muslims worship Satan, thinks we should ban all immigration from Muslim countries and thinks Muslims have no right to practice their religion, is suddenly very concerned that we are hurting the feelings of Muslims by letting gay people get married.

“How does the Muslim world justify their attacks on the United States?” Fischer asked. “Because they believe that we are the chief exporter of wickedness and decadence in the world. That’s why they call us ‘the Great Satan.’ When we insult their god, their religion, their prophet, or their values, they claim a divine sanction to punish us for our transgressions.”

“The Left, interestingly enough, actually agrees with the Muslim world on this score,” he continued, citing the Geller attack.

“What the Supreme Court did on Friday was to insult and offend the entire Muslim world by celebrating and gloating gushing over a sin that Muslims regard as so offensive to Allah that its practitioners must be thrown to their deaths,” Fischer warned. “So the Supreme Court just gave the Muslim world another reason to attack us, and a terrorist attack appears imminent. So if Muslims attack us, and they refer in any way to our celebration of homosexuality as part of the reason, then according to liberals, culpability must be laid for that at the feet of the United States Supreme Court.”

Funny, you claim that same divine sanction to deprive both Muslims and gay people of their rights. It seems you have found your brothers-in-arms, Bryan.

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