Beck Wonders What Happened to Sarah Palin

Beck Wonders What Happened to Sarah Palin April 7, 2016

I am greatly amused by all the conservatives who are now suddenly discovering that Sarah Palin is dumber than a box of hammers and babbles incoherently. Glenn Beck is the latest to do so and he strikes a posture of concern, wondering if something has happened to explain her alleged decline.

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Following Sarah Palin’s remarks in Wisconsin at a Trump rally, Glenn began expressing concern that she’s just not sounding like herself these days.

“So if you’ve been listening to us for the last couple of hours, you heard us talk about Sarah Palin and that we’re concerned that something has happened to Sarah Palin,” Glenn said. “And I, for one, am concerned that something is not right.”

The discussion turned to Palin’s “coming out” speech at the Republican convention in 2008.

“It was amazing. Here she is, nobody knows that much about her,” Stu said. “No one really knows what to expect, and she knocks that thing out of the park. She was charming, but calm and focused. And it was so good.”

So, what’s happened to the Sarah Palin we used to know and love?

“Something has dramatically changed,” Glenn said. “And maybe it’s just her attitude. Maybe it’s just she’s more of a performer than she is a serious candidate. I don’t know. But something has changed.”

Absolutely nothing has changed, she’s just cheering on a candidate you don’t like now, Glenn. She was every bit as incoherent and clueless 8 years ago when she burst onto the scene as she is now. So are you, of course.

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