Trump’s Standards for Accuracy

Trump’s Standards for Accuracy June 24, 2016

Donald Trump was interviewed by Lester Holt, who questioned him about some of the false claims he made in his speech attacking Hillary Clinton. His answers revealed again what we already knew, that he’ll repeat absolutely any claim no matter where he heard it or how credible it is.


HOLT: You made some very bold claims about her that didn’t stand up when we put it —

TRUMP: Well, you don’t know if they stand up. What claim are you talking about?

HOLT: Well, let’s talk about your claim she was asleep during the Benghazi attack.

TRUMP: He was left helpless to die as Hillary Clinton soundly slept in her bed.

TRUMP: Were you there? Were you there? Were you with her?

HOLT: She has testified before the committee that she wasn’t asleep, it happened during the daytime. There’s no evidence.

TRUMP: It happened all during the day and the story was going on for a long period of time —

HOLT: I guess what I’m asking, what are you — what do you base that on?

TRUMP: Excuse me, wait, it went on for a long period of time and she was asleep at the wheel, whether she was sleeping or not, who knows if she was sleeping —

HOLT: You said she was sleeping.

TRUMP: She might have been sleeping. What? Because she put out a tweet, somebody said she put out a tweet, therefore she wasn’t sleeping? Nobody else could put out a tweet?

HOLT: So you stand by what you said?

TRUMP: I can tell you this, whether she was sleeping or not and she might have been sleeping, it was a disaster. It was a horrific disaster and it was on her watch.

So he admittedly has no evidence for it, yet he said it. And then he dismisses it all by trying to change the subject. That’s how low his standards are. If he hears it somewhere and it’s something he wants to be true, it must be true and he’ll say it publicly as if it is. And again:

HOLT: You also made the claim that her e-mail, personal e-mail server had been hacked.

TRUMP: Her server was easily hacked by foreign governments.

HOLT: Suggesting that as president —

TRUMP: You don’t know that it hasn’t been —

HOLT: Wait a minute. Suggesting that she would be compromised as president. What evidence do you have?

TRUMP: First of all, she shouldn’t have had a personal server, okay? She shouldn’t have had it, it’s illegal. What she did is illegal. Now she might not be judged that way because we have a rigged system, but what she did is illegal. She shouldn’t have had a personal server.

HOLT: But is there any evidence it was hacked other than routine phishing?

TRUMP: I think I read that, and I heard it, and somebody also gave me that information.

HOLT: Where?

TRUMP: I will report back to you. I will give it to you.

HOLT: You said it with such certainty yesterday.

TRUMP: I don’t know if certainty. Probably she was hacked. You know what, you can be hacked and not know but it she probably was hacked. The fact is she should not have had a personal server.

“I think I read it, and I heard it.” That’s all it takes. If he hears it somewhere and it suits his purposes, he proclaims it with absolute certainty in a nationally televised speech. He’s a liar because he simply does not care whether anything he says is true or not. If it’s useful to him, it must be true.

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