Staver and Barber Lie About Franklin and Prayer

Staver and Barber Lie About Franklin and Prayer April 8, 2017

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, and his little buddy Matt “Gilligan” Barber, told a whopper of a lie on their radio show, a lie that has been debunked time and time and time again regarding Ben Franklin and prayers at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Warren Throckmorton has the relevant transcript:


You know America was founded on prayer and prayer has been a common practice since the very beginning and I guess yo know Mat it reinforces what we do at Liberty Counsel to stand for these rights and stand for that privilege of prayer.

Mat Staver: Prayer, like I said, predated the First Amendment. How did it begin in our country as it results in these kind of meetings? It began with Benjamin Franklin during the early Constitutional Conventions. During those Constitutional Conventions where they were debating after the revolution what to do, what kind of form of government are we going to have. We had one view, we had another view, different states had, you know, the Virginia proposal, or this proposal or that proposal and they had as many opinions yes as they did no, so it started to fall apart. At that point in time, Franklin stood up and he has this famous speech where he talks about, ‘unless God builds the house, we’re not going to be any better off than the builders at Babel and that God governs in the affairs of men and have we now forgotten our most powerful friend or do we think we no longer need him. And he implored everyone from that point on to every time they deliberate, to begin their deliberations with prayer. They did. They had a long prayer, not just a short little 60 second, two minute prayer, but a long prayer meeting that was a turning point that ultimately brought America’s founding together and ultimately the United States Constitution and later the Bill of Rights which is the First Amendment and that’s why the Supreme Court said prayer’s been with us since the very beginning, the foundation of who we are. It cannot be unconstitutional, it was people who started prayer who later drafted the First Amendment and then continued to pray.

Matt Barber then quoted Franklin’s speech at the Convention. He then asked Staver, “How long did they pray Mat?” Staver said, “It took up several hours. It wasn’t just a little prayer, bless this meal and walk away.”

A complete and total fiction. Franklin did indeed propose that they hold prayers during a time of serious contention at the meeting, but virtually no one supported the motion and it was tabled and quickly forgotten. All of this was recorded in James Madison’s notes from the convention, which Throckmorton quotes in all relevant details. They have simply invented history out of thin air. Or rather, David Barton did and they’re repeating it. There are a million stories in Naked Christian Nation Revisionism; this is 990,000 of them.

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