Gianforte: Retirement is Not in the Bible

Gianforte: Retirement is Not in the Bible May 26, 2017

Greg Gianforte, the newly elected Republican congressman from Montana who assaulted a reporter from the Guardian on Wednesday night, is a real piece of work. Like Rabbi Daniel Lapin and a handful of other wingnuts, he thinks retirement is wrong because it isn’t mentioned in the Bible.


Gianforte is a big fan of citing Noah, as it turns out. In a 2015 talk at the Montana Bible College, he told the audience that he doesn’t believe in retirement because Noah was 600 when he built the ark. “There’s nothing in the Bible that talks about retirement. And yet it’s been an accepted concept in our culture today,” Gianforte said. “Nowhere does it say, ‘Well, he was a good and faithful servant, so he went to the beach.’ It doesn’t say that anywhere.”

He added: “The example I think of is Noah. How old was Noah when he built the ark? Six hundred. He wasn’t like, cashing Social Security checks, he wasn’t hanging out, he was working. So, I think we have an obligation to work. The role we have in work may change over time, but the concept of retirement is not biblical.”

Yeah, neither is the microphone you were talking into when you spouted this idiotic BS. Seriously, you believe there was a real Noah who lived to be hundreds of years old and built a real ark to escape a real global flood? Then you shouldn’t be running the night shift at a Jack in the Box, much less have a seat in Congress.

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