Newt: Flynn was ‘Set Up’ by the FBI

Newt: Flynn was ‘Set Up’ by the FBI December 7, 2017

Newt Gingrich is dutifully playing defense for Donald Trump and Michael Flynn with the usual “but what about Hillary” blather. He’s also making the inane argument that the FBI set up Flynn by asking him about his meetings with the Russians.


NEWT GINGRICH: This is a level of corruption and dishonesty beyond anything I would have expected a year ago. You take everything that happened with Hillary Clinton, the fact that they deliberately interviewed her without putting her under oath, and you take everything she did, and it’s General Flynn, who served his country in uniform for 35 years, who is guilty.

He’s guilty of what? Apparently of not being totally accurate in describing an interview which probably the Russian — the FBI actually had a tape of — talk about a setup.

I think that Michael Ledeen wrote an article today that was exactly right. Flynn was faced with bankruptcy, he was faced with a threat legally to his son, he cut a deal to get it over with.

I think it is a sad day for America when the Federal Bureau of Investigation allows itself to be this corrupt. I cannot imagine that any American believes that if the same standard had been applied to Hillary Clinton, that she wouldn’t have been found guilty, over and over and over. But it wasn’t the same standard, and we now know why. You have members of the FBI who are actively anti-Trump, actively pro-Hillary.

Gotta love that weasely language of “not being totally accurate.” Sounds so much better than lying. And he’s right that the FBI did know about those contacts when they asked him about it because they had the transcripts of those conversations. That’s what the FBI’s counter-intelligence unit does, tracks the communications of foreign officials who are seen as adversarial, most obviously Russia.

You know who else knew that Flynn had lied about it? The White House. Sally Yates had warned them about it because she saw those transcripts too. She told White House Counsel Don McGahn that Flynn had lied and that it made him vulnerable to blackmail, but her warnings were ignored. And we now know from the emails within the transition team that they all knew about those meetings too, and all lied about them as well. So they have no one to blame but themselves for keeping Flynn on.

Gingrich’s argument boils down to “how dare they catch me breaking the law.” Like it’s the cop’s fault if he catches you breaking into someone else’s house.

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