Wingnut: Obama, Ayers Leading Illuminati Plot to Kill Trump

Wingnut: Obama, Ayers Leading Illuminati Plot to Kill Trump February 12, 2018

Paul Begley, a previously little-known apocalyptic preacher who came to everyone’s attention last week when he claimed that Melania Trump had the White House exorcised to rid it of demons, says that Barack Obama and Bill Ayers are behind a secret Illuminati plot to kill Trump.

“We know right now, folks, that this was treasonous,” Begley said. “They’ve tried to hijack our nation, they tried to override our election and they are trying to destroy our Constitution. This is a cabal and by their own text messages, they even say they have secret societies and they say that these societies are meeting and these are top level people of several different U.S. government agencies working together as an Illuminati, working together as a cabal, to overthrow the United States of America.”

“I think that Bill Ayers is behind the scenes,” he continued. “I know that Barack ‘Barry’ Obama, I know that Barack Hussein Obama, I know that he is orchestrating it.

Begley said that Obama and these secret societies are working to “impeach President Trump on lies,” but if that doesn’t work, they will seek to get Trump declared “deranged and incompetent and dangerous” and have him removed from office.

If those efforts fail, Begley said, then the final option will be assassination.

“We don’t have proof of assassination,” he said, “but I guarantee, if we could crawl into the bowels of these secret societies, there is a Plan C in place.”

Mr. Begley, please take this advice from the heart. I mean it sincerely. Jot it down and keep it by the cupboard so you don’t forget: Lead paint chips are not cereal. Write it a thousand times on a chalkboard so you don’t forget it. You can thank me later.

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