CO Teacher Charged with Child Abuse for Forcing Student to Stand for Pledge

CO Teacher Charged with Child Abuse for Forcing Student to Stand for Pledge February 15, 2018

Now this is what I’ve been waiting a very long time to see, a teacher face real consequences for violating the right of a student to not stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. A teacher in Colorado who did that is facing actual criminal charges for child abuse and assault.

A Boulder Valley School District teacher now faces child abuse and assault charges for allegedly forcing a child to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Karen Smith, a physical education teacher at Angevine Middle School in Lafayette, was placed on leave earlier this month.

Police say on Feb. 1, Smith grabbed a boy by his jacket, lifting him to his feet, and took him out of class.

Good. It’s about time. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling in Barnette, the case that established this right not to be forced to recite loyalty pledges in public schools, and yet we still see this happening all the time to students around the country. Maybe if teachers faced real consequences for their actions, it would stop. But the comments…oh for crying out loud, the comments from the local morons defending the teacher.

All of these people who want to make comments about what a teacher should do or not do should stand in a class room when a students sits there and says “F**k Y** and then tell me how you think it should be handled.

I think it should be handled within the boundaries of the Constitution. You know, that document that you undoubtedly declare such undying love for but know absolutely nothing about.

Some of the comments here are truly frightening. We have passed the tipping point and the long slide to socialism in inevitable. The leftist-socialist doctrinarian through the education system has succeeded. GenX and the Millennials will implement that socialist utopia.

Yeah, this has nothing to do with socialism, you idiot.

The parents of this kid have no place living in this country! Liberal fascist freaks!!!!! Send their a$$es to Venezuela where freaks like this belong…they can take their grimy little kid with them!

Perhaps this person would feel more comfortable in a country where they do require loyalty pledges and punish those who refuse to take them? I wonder if they could find North Korea on a map? Not likely.

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