Barton Thinks Trump Could Be One of Five Greatest Presidents

Barton Thinks Trump Could Be One of Five Greatest Presidents May 12, 2018

David Barton’s grasp of reality has never been a strong one, to say the very least that one could say, but his claim that Donald Trump could go down as one of the five greatest presidents the United States has ever seen seems particularly asinine.

“If Trump continues the way he has, I’ll probably put him in the top five,” Barton said. “What he has done on deregulating government, what he has done with putting his foot down on foreign nations, what he has done on the issues of religious liberty, what he has done on judges—I think it’s the 12th group of judges he has sent up and I still can’t find one I disagree with.”

“I look at what he is doing, I look at what the Cabinet-level departments are doing,” he continued. “This is, in my opinion, the most radical turnaround that I am aware of for having gone in an opposite direction as quick as we have and being able to reverse things that most of us thought we’d never be able to reverse. Now, we have got another two and a half years to see, but that’s why I’m leaving it open right now. The changes he has brought about have been, in my mind, unprecedented and remarkable.”

Unprecedented, yes, but not in the way he thinks. Of course, Barton has always lived in that bizarro world inhabited by the Christian right, the one where the first commandment of Jesus is “screw the poor,” where cheerleading for war makes you “pro-life,” and where Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were critics of separation of church and state rather than its most prominent advocates. So take anything he says with a 50 ton block of salt.

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