The Far Right Continues to Demonize Immigrants

The Far Right Continues to Demonize Immigrants June 20, 2018

I’m getting beyond fed up with the constant demonization and dehumanization of immigrants, especially those who do it while quoting the Bible, which contains verse after verse commanding them to treat immigrants just like they would their own family. Here’s Leigh Valentine on the “Faith and Freedom” radio show:

Valentine agreed, saying that she spoke with a high-level border patrol agent recently who allegedly told her that the people who are crossing the border illegally are the dregs of society.

“Rape after rape after rape,” Valentine said. “Children below 10 years old engaging in sexual activity. All kinds of sin and disgrace and darkness; the pit of the pits. So we’re not getting the top-of-the-line echelon people coming over this border, we’re getting criminals. I mean, total criminals that are so debased and their minds are just gone. They’re unclean, they’re murderers, they’re treacherous, they’re God-haters.”

Don’t you love how they’re always quoting these imaginary people? And those sources are always “high-level,” by which I assume they mean they exist in their heads. These are families coming here, often fleeing violence and oppression, seeking a better life for themselves and their children. And isn’t it funny how these same people talk up American exceptionalism and their shallow nationalism by talking in such grandiose terms about how everyone wants to come here because it’s the land of opportunity, but when they do try to come here they’re called rapists and murderers and their children are taken away. Meanwhile, their own Bible tells them that what they’re doing is wrong and offensive to their God. The cognitive dissonance must be overwhelming, or it would be if they cared even the slightest about other people. But they don’t.

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