Wingnut Pastor: Trump’s Problems are All About Witchcraft

Wingnut Pastor: Trump’s Problems are All About Witchcraft August 23, 2018

Few things crack me up more than when Christians throw a fit about “witches” (whatever that is) and pretend that everyone they dont like is acting at the behest of Satan himself. Many pastors have applied this to Trump, saying the attacks on him are all due to witchcraft (there is, of course, no such thing). The latest is an Alabama pastor who used to be the pastor at the Florida church where the “holy laughter” “revival” began.

“It’s time to pray for the president,” said Pastor John A. Kilpatrick, who founded the Church of His Presence in Daphne in 2006.

Kilpatrick quoted 2 Kings 9:22, which attributes witchcraft to Jezebel. “When Elijah faced Jezebel, he was facing witchcraft,” Kilpatrick said.

“What’s happening right now in America, is witchcraft’s trying to take this country over,” he said. “It’s witchcraft that’s trying to take America back over.”…

“I am not being political, but I don’t see how President Trump bears up under it,” Kilpatrick said in his sermon. “He is as strong as I’ve ever seen a man be. But here’s what the Holy Spirit said to me last night and what He said for me to tell you. He said, ‘Tell the church that so far, Trump has been dealing with Ahab. But Jezebel’s fixing to step out from the shadows.’ That’s what the Lord said to me.

“He said, ‘Pray for him now, because he said there’s about to be a shift, and the Deep State is about to manifest, and it’s going to be a showdown like you can’t believe.’ So, I’m coming to you as a prophet, as a man of God, and I’m telling you, it’s time to pray for the president.”

I agree, it’s time to pray. Stop everything else you’re doing and just pray. Don’t eat or drink or sleep, just pray. You have to show God you’re serious, right? Otherwise how will he miraculously intervene to make things to the right way? I mean, sure, it was the Holy Spirit who allegedly told you this, which means God already knows about it, but he can’t intervene until you ask him to. Never mind that millions of people have been praying for Trump every single day and that seems to have changed nothing. Just chalk that up to mysterious ways and all that. It’s always worked before, so no need to change tactics.

It’s disturbing to me that there are millions and millions of Americans who actually believe this inane blather. It’s terrifying to me that they vote, and in higher numbers than other demographic groups.

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