Wingnut: Sessions and Trump are Pretending to Clash to Hide QAnon Roundup

Wingnut: Sessions and Trump are Pretending to Clash to Hide QAnon Roundup September 21, 2018

Unhinged wingnut Bill Mitchell is breaking slightly with his fellow crackpots, most of whom have joined Trump in savaging Jeff Sessions and even called him a traitor. Mitchell says that Sessions and Trump are only pretending to have friction because they’re “slow-walking” the impending roundup of pedophiles in the QAnon conspiracy theory, waiting to spring the trap after the midterms.

Bill Mitchell, the flagship host at YourVoice America and a staunch defender of President Trump, has woven together the dystopian alternate reality of the “QAnon” universe and a conspiracy theory he cooked up earlier this year about the existence of a secret plan he dubbed “#SlowWalker.”

Mitchell proposed early this year that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was stalling an epic takedown of the “deep state” until just before the midterms so that he can unleash it at a time to create maximum political havoc. Yesterday, Mitchell declared, “SlowWalker is here!”…

In Mitchell’s “SlowWalker” theory, he supposes that Trump and Sessions have teamed up to prepare a series of actions that will untangle the deep state. Mitchell first tweeted that Sessions was a “slow walker” in Trump’s administration in February, writing that in Trump’s “slow walk” to dismantle the deep state, Sessions is Trump’s own “slow walker,” carrying out what will be the “biggest and best sting ever.”

And yet, like most right wing crackpots, Mitchell is a fringe figure no more. He gets Republican candidates like Kelli Ward of Arizona to come on his show. And even Lara Trump recently went on his show. There simply is no limit to how bizarre you can be on the right these days and still be taken seriously. There is no right-wing fringe anymore. The fringe is now the mainstream.

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