Liz Crokin’s Predictably Bizarre Take on the Kavanaugh Controversy

Liz Crokin’s Predictably Bizarre Take on the Kavanaugh Controversy October 1, 2018

The great thing about conspiracy crackpots is how they manage to wrap absolutely anything into their conspiracy theories. No evidence could possibly prove them wrong because every new fact just leads to another weird sideline theory to rationalize it away. So when Liz Crokin put up a video about Kavanaugh, it was predictably stupid and bizarre. She says Kavanaugh is the last step needed to make all that QAnon nonsense happen. But first, John McCain didn’t have cancer:

“John McCain never had cancer,” she declared, incredulously. “He didn’t die a natural death or death from brain cancer. The man was tried in a private military tribunal and he was killed for treason. And from what I am hearing and from what I am researching, he sang; he sang like a canary and gave up the goods on other people.”

“It was so obvious he didn’t have brain cancer,” she said. “Give me a break.”

It’s so obvious! That’s a fact! My evidence for this ridiculous claim? It’s so obvious! Put down the crack pipe, lady.

“The military isn’t going to let any of these scumbags who were involved in raping children and trafficking children get off on a frickin technicality,” she said. “They’re screwed. They know it. And the bottom line with Judge Kavanaugh is, once he is confirmed, it’s over. He is the final nail in the coffin that needs to happen to lead us into mass arrests and then the military tribunals.”

Notice how we’re always just right on the verge of this happening but it never actually happens? Welcome to the world of conspiracy nuts. When Trump leaves office with none of it having happened, they’ll have some other rationalization for it. They’ll probably claim that it actually did happen, that the Clintons and Obamas and Soros and everyone else really was executed and this global pedophile ring was broken up, but they were replaced with pod people that look and act just like them. And their followers will swallow it whole. There is never any point in trying to reason with them. As Thomas Paine once said, it would be like administering medicine to the already dead.

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