Hannity Thinks Veterans Should Get Away with Crimes

Hannity Thinks Veterans Should Get Away with Crimes December 6, 2018

Trump’s former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and the Mueller investigators are asking that he be given no jail time. But that’s not enough for Trump’s chief bootlicker, Sean Hannity, who apparently thinks that because Flynn is a general with a long military record, he should be allowed to get away with federal crimes.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): 33 years of service, 5 years in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and this is the treatment? This is the thanks this country gives him? This is how we treat people? What kind of justice system is this? His house, nearly faced bankruptcy, literally and his world crashes before him and his entire family. And I would bet any amount of money that the only reason he signed this deal was well, it’s the same old system. Well, we might have to go after your son worked with you and then we are going to invoke the Logan Act which nobody invokes to go after him.

So he could have made, instead of serving his country in the private sector a lot more money. But now he has to sell his house, literally fall on the sword for his family. And don’t forget, we know that they got through what a lot of this information, through what? We knew he was the victim of illegal surveillance, illegal unmasking. Illegal leaking of raw intelligence. What about the people involved in those crimes? His rights were violated at every level. Now this is a disgrace and this is what we’ve been telling you is a glaring example of a two-tiered justice system in America.

Everything here that isn’t nonsense is a lie. He was not charged with violating the Logan Act, he was charged with lying to the FBI. And he lied about something he had to know they would catch him at. He used to run the Defense Intelligence Agency, for crying out loud, he had to know that the FBI’s counter-intelligence department surveils all calls to and from Russian officials in this country. Yet he claimed not to have spoken to any Russian official, and definitely not about lifting sanctions. But the FBI had the transcripts and recording of the calls he was lying about and he was caught dead to rights.

That made him a major security risk because it opens him up to blackmail and the FBI warned Trump about this, but Trump ignored it. If that had happened to an adviser to a Democratic president, one with a long military service record, do you think Hannity would be going on about how unfair it was to charge him for it? Not a chance in hell. He’d be claiming this was proof that the president was a communist and that they were deliberately undermining the security of the United States. But this is Trump, so it’s all magically okay. Hannity can’t even keep up a pretense of consistency.

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