Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Corsi vs Stone

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Corsi vs Stone January 24, 2019

Old pals and allies Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone are now at war with one another, with Alex Jones taking Stone’s side in the fight. Stone is now accusing Corsi of lying to the Mueller investigators about what he told Stone about Wikileaks and the hacked emails and Corsi is firing back on Twitter:

Maybe he can get Larry Klayman to file a $50 billion lawsuit against Stone and Jones. Alex Jones, by the way, was still paying Corsi $15,000 a month until just this month, which Mueller is apparently also investigating. Corsi claims they just fired him last week, but Jones says they fired him in June and he was getting 6 months severance pay, which ran out last week. With this bunch of inveterate liars, it’s impossible to know who is telling the truth, if any of them.

"Calling this Kafkaesque would be too cliché, wouldn't it?"

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