Crokin Finds Way to Wrap Everything Up Into Q Anon Conspiracy

Crokin Finds Way to Wrap Everything Up Into Q Anon Conspiracy March 20, 2019

One of the hallmarks of the conspiratorial mind is the ability to take virtually any information and weave it into their conspiracy theories, no matter how disconnected they are. Crackpot Liz Crokin, for instance, says that the college bribery scandal shows that the mass arrests of pedophiles she has continuously predicted has finally begun. Because bribery is just like child rape. Or something.

“The most important thing people need to understand about this story is … the mass arrests are happening!” Crokin excitedly proclaimed. “These celebrities were sealed indictments, people. The mass arrests are officially happening. We are seeing the beginning of the sealed indictments being unsealed. We’re seeing the beginning of evil members of the frickin’ cabal being exposed, and this is just the beginning. This is just the absolute tip of the iceberg. So no more comments please on any of my social media or on YouTube saying, ‘When are the mass arrests going to happen?’ or, ‘I’m doubting you, Liz, that they’re going to happen.’ They’re happening! They’re happening! They are happening right now!”

Crokin went on to say that arrests for white collar crimes such as the college bribery scandal are part of a plan to “prepare the public” for the much more horrifying revelations that are to come.

“Wait until they hear about how people in Hollywood eat babies,” she said. “This is the least of the crimes that these people are guilty of … This is nothing compared to what these people are capable of and what they’re doing, particularly to children. I believe the white hats are trying to slowly prepare the public for what is about to come, so they are starting off small with white collar crimes and we’re slowly going to get up to the bigger crimes, which involve treason, trafficking kids, ritualistic satanic abuse, and all those horrific things.”

I am reminded of Wesley’s response to Vizini: Truly you have a dizzying intellect. This is just madness, but it’s a madness with huge numbers of believers. Like a mass delusion. And no amount of evidence will ever change their minds. When Trump is gone and none of these mass arrests have taken place and this alleged global pedophile ring — no, they’re not talking about the Catholic Church — has not been broken up, they will either find a way to rationalize it away or just move on to the next conspiracy. They are pretty much incapable of doing anything else. Following the evidence and changing their minds accordingly would crush them emotionally because they are so wedded to their pet theories.

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