Giuliani Invents New Justification for Ignoring the Law

Giuliani Invents New Justification for Ignoring the Law April 25, 2019

Trump’s pool boy, Rudy Giuliani, has invented a whole new legal exception to Congress’ subpoena power. Now any potential witness called before a congressional committee to ask questions, including under legal subpoena, doesn’t have to comply with that subpoena if they decide Congress is biased against them or their boss.

During an interview on Fox Business, Giuliani argued that Trump should “fight every subpoena they issue for him, for a witness, if I was representing a witness I would fight it.”

“Because they’re illegitimate,” the Trump attorney opined. “Everybody in the country knows they’re prejudiced, you’re biased, like the judge that decides you’re going to die and gives you a trial.”

That sound you hear is every law textbook being rewritten to include this new exception to the law that no one has ever discovered until Giuliani came along. And I’m sure he would have been fine with that argument being made by a witness when he was a federal prosecutor.

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