Trump’s Financial Statement Double Talk

Trump’s Financial Statement Double Talk June 19, 2019

Trump is in court trying to prevent Congress from getting access to his tax returns and other financial documents, but he apparently thinks people will believe him when he told George Stephanopoulos that he hopes they’re made public. Seriously, he said that:

TRUMP: By the way, by my son, by Don. And, I’m looking at things all over the world. When you will see my financial statement, at some point I assume it’s going to be released, you’ll be very impressed by the job I’ve done. Much, much bigger, much, much better than anybody–

STEPHANOPOULOS: Which financial statement?

TRUMP: Uhh, they’re after my financial statement. Now, they should be after everyone else’s financial statement but, uhh, they are after, the Senate, they’d like to get my financial statement. At some point, I hope they get it–

STEPHANOPOULOS: You going to turn it over?

TRUMP: No, at some point, I might, but at some point I hope they get it because it’s a financ–, it’s a fantastic financial statement. It’s a fantastic financial statement.

Gee Donald, you know who could release them right now? You could, with a single phone call. But you won’t because you’re lying, as usual. We’ve seen this kind of doubletalk many times before from Trump, like when he said several times that he was looking forward to being interviewed by Robert Mueller but refused to do so. Does he actually think anyone would find this believable?

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