Daubenmire Wants Buttigieg Arrested

Daubenmire Wants Buttigieg Arrested February 25, 2020

During a campaign event, a 9-year old boy stood up and asked presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who is gay, how to tell his parent that he’s gay. Buttigieg answered the question, prompting right-wing nutcase Dave Daubenmire to demand that he be arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

“Fifty years ago, they would have thrown Buttfudge in jail for even bringing it up and talking about it in front of a young kid,” Daubenmire bellowed. “What ever happened to shame? Why didn’t his mommy put him in a headlock and drag him off the court? Where’s his daddy?”

One of the participants in Daubenmire’s show then piped up to say that someone in the audience should have demanded that the sheriff remove Buttigieg from the stage for “violating the moral code of our lives,” while another declared that the boy who asked the question “was probably molested by either mom or dad or some relative.”

For his part, Daubenmire couldn’t believe that we live in a society where “a possible presidential candidate [is] contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

“Violating the moral code of our lives”? It’s your moral code, you go right ahead and live according to it. That doesn’t mean other people have to. This is just bigoted authoritarianism. How about we throw Daubenmire in jail for being an idiot? He’s violating my moral code.

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