The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 55: Eggs in a Tree, Kenn Kington & Riley Armstrong

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 55: Eggs in a Tree, Kenn Kington & Riley Armstrong May 26, 2014

In Germany, people set up Easter egg trees to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.  They are much like Christmas trees, but instead of your backyard tree loaded with ornaments, lights and strings of stale popcorn, imagine it loaded with beautiful, decorated Easter eggs.  It’s a glorious, breathtaking sight! (Albeit a frightening sight for those allergic to eggs.)

Now, what could have started this tradition?  Could it have been a lazy lack of desire to clean up after vandals egged someone’s house on a spring Sunday?  Did the phenomenon simply catch on when the egg-staordinarily decorated arbor caught everyone on the block’s attention?  We may never clearly know.

Speaking of “not knowing”, comedian Kenn Kington called into the show to talk about a recent incident that happened at 5:30 in the morning in the Kington household not long ago.

At that “0-Dark-30” hour, his wife woke him from his slumber with a horrifying shriek – which presented Kenn with an interesting dilemma:  should he run and find out what could be attacking his wife at such an ungodly hour, or simply roll over, pretend that he didn’t hear her and go back to sleep?

Opting to investigate, he found is over-reactionary bride standing on top of the bathroom sink in her bathrobe pointing and screaming about some huge intruder.  Was it a rat?  A mouse?  A roach?  A lemur with an eyepatch?  Whatever it was, she claimed that it was the size of a football, so he went out that day and bought some traps.

The next day, Kenn got up before his wife – not to check the traps, necessarily, but just because he had to pee – went into the bathroom, lifted the seat and discovered a mouse floating in the commode.

Not floating like one would in a pool on a hot summer day with an umbrella drink in hand; but floating like it was a victim of a mob hit.

His wife then come in, peered over his shoulder and exclaimed, “That’s it!  THAT’S IT!!… Why is it in there?!?!”

Kenn could only stand there and boldly replay, “Well, I think he heard you scream yesterday and felt really, REALLY guilty.  He couldn’t live with himself, so he ended it all right there in our toilet.”

A common cause for rodent demise, indeed.

Finally, we take a few minutes to feature our great friend:  comedic musician Riley Armstrong.  Riley grew up in Alberta, Canada (located north of Montana for our USA-centric listeners) and started his entertainment career hoping to become a world-famous singer/songwriter.

He had experienced few greater joys in his life than emotionally moving people with his gift of song.

But, along the way, he started to run out of material at one particular gig and chose to fill some time by playing a goofy song he had written about getting up in the morning.  The audience reacted with a level of laughter and applause that he had never seen before.  Soon after, Riley discovered just how much he enjoys making audiences not just swoon, but chuckle, guffaw, and spit take when reacting to his music.

His latest project features the song “I Live Dangerous”, which pokes fun at the mundane things we all do throughout our days that perhaps some might take a little too seriously.  It’s available on iTunes, Amazon and wherever funny music is valued.

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