What Carly Fiorina Said, and Didn’t Say, About Islam

What Carly Fiorina Said, and Didn’t Say, About Islam August 20, 2015

daesh girls isis slavesBlogger and comedian Dean Obeidallah gets it wrong at least seven times about my recent column on (one of many reasons) why I won’t vote for Carly Fiorina, and about Islam.

No one can rationally deny that Islam institutionalizes violence against women and girls.

To be “anti-Islam” is to be for protecting girls’ and woman’s rights — especially those living in Islamic-controlled countries.

To be “anti-Islam” is to advocate for powerless and voiceless women and children.

There is nothing bigoted, racist, “phobic,” or hateful about opposing and seeking to rescue women and children from the very ideology that rejects universally accepted human rights laws designed to protect them.

As a woman, I would never vote for anyone—especially another woman—who believes America’s hope lies in the poorest people in the world of whom the majority is illiterate. I would argue the reverse. Their hope lies in the unalienable rights protected by the U.S. Constitution, and by those willing to defend these rights from threats both foreign and domestic.

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