Facebook Prison Again, This time for Asking Christians a Question

Facebook Prison Again, This time for Asking Christians a Question December 23, 2015


Today, Facebook blocked me from posting to groups and provided no explanation for doing so. I anticipate it has to do with my recent posts about Islam but also because of a column I wrote, “Franklin Graham Leaves the GOP, Question is, Why Aren’t Other Christians?

[A brief note about Facebook’s censorship policies. In January, “21WIRE reported on Facebook’s new communitarian policy whereby readers can ‘flag’ content as “fake news” if they believe it’s not real, or if they do not like it. In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo False Flag event, the social media giant appears to be now allowing governments to determine what is ‘good free speech’ and what is not.

“That’s one Facebook tool specifically designed to destroy free speech. The next tool is much larger, and even more blunt – which is Facebook’s emerging strategy which appears to ‘customize’ regional governments’ ability to drop a censorship curtain down on the social media platform in a particular country. Would Facebook ever partner with repressive regimes? Of course they would, and they already have.”]

Below is my blocked FB post directed to American Christians: 

Why is chopping baby parts and selling them for profit not enough to leave the party that deliberately funds this barbaric illegal multi-million dollar enterprise with taxpayer dollars?

Both the DNC and the GOP parties embrace homosexuality and abortion. How is this biblical? How can any Christian support a party that funds dismembering babies while also going to church and singing songs about baby Jesus?

Why are Christians enabling an illegitimate government that funds dismembering babies? This is no different than what I learned standing in the very building at Auschwitz where the Nazis experimented on pregnant women, twins, down syndrome and disabled children and adults, the elderly, and babies. I saw with my own eyes what they called an “infirmary.” It wasn’t a place to heal the sick. It was a laboratory where people were experimented on and tortured before they were killed– after their body parts and organs were no longer useful.

Did Christians try to work within the Nazi party to make it less evil? Did Christians attempt to make these medical experiments less painful?

Christians came from America and wiped them out. The Nazis were obliterated because they were evil.

Someone paid the Nazis to experiment on human beings.

How is the GOP any different?

How is 75 percent of Congress voting to fund our enemies any different (who are actively annihilating Christians)?

Do people who support evil, or those who associate with them, think they will not face judgment?

Are political parties on the verge of extinction more important than doing what is right?

Why would an evangelical Christian former youth pastor turned Senator, James Lankford vote for a bill that fully funds Planned Parenthood when he speaks at evangelical gatherings about Nehemiah rebuilding the wall and encouraging Christians to get involved in politics?

How does a devout Roman Catholic justify fully funding illegal activity– oh wait, according to Breitbart News, Paul Ryan said, “I hate the Omnibus bill, but I did it anyway.” What kind of example is that, even for children? (Mom, I hate hitting my sister but I did  it anyway.)

The government funded a nearly $500k fence for Paul Ryan’s private property (while veterans are homeless) and chose not to fund the border fence (already mandated by law to fund). Worse still, he knowingly chose to fund– not prosecute– an entire industry of people who kill babies, and harvest and keep babies alive in order to “sell” them to be experimented on, even while still alive, so that other industries, including academic elitists, can use aborted baby body parts and tissue for “research,” prestige, and profit.

This is America’s Christian witness to the world.

This is what non-Christians see as abhorrent Christian hypocrisy.   

How will national prayer events and calls for repentance lead to actually standing up for what is right? 

Why is Franklin Graham the only one saying no more?

Where are the real Bible-believing-and-doing Christian pastors and leaders now?

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