April 27, 2021

In the Western world, when we talk about energy, people think about it as an outside force. It becomes something that happens to them. At times, they feel they have energy. They might welcome the idea of getting exercise, excel at knocking out their workload, or go on a big cleaning spree in their house. But if they lack energy, they sit on their couch, complaining about how they barely have the will to make themselves stand up to head… Read more

March 24, 2021

The energy, or life force, that circulates in our bodies plays a crucial role in our health and happiness. But only when we learn to balance our energy and control it do we get to reach a state of optimal health and well-being. If you concentrate on the energy flowing throughout your body, you can tell when your energy is disrupted or blocked. It’s at this moment when you can benefit from balancing your energy. If you haven’t become attuned… Read more

January 13, 2021

To say the least, 2020 was a hard year. The global pandemic and the economic hardship it engendered certainly were hard to endure. Yet, there were blessings that came with the difficulties of 2020, in particular the opportunity to slow down, exhale, and reflect upon our lives. Sometimes, we face something like this that is outside of ourselves that prompts us to change, and I’m hoping that this will be true for the whole world in 2021, so we can… Read more

December 16, 2020

Jumping from site to site on the Internet, never completing an entire article. Difficulty making progress on or completing projects you’ve started. Tossing and turning at night, your mind obsessed with the problems of the day. A mind constantly buzzing with nagging, trivial thoughts. Do any of these sound familiar to you? At least one of them probably does, since most people today complain of an inability to concentrate well. And, kids are having a harder time focusing, too, which… Read more

November 25, 2020

Through the years, you’ve probably had some big dreams for yourself. When you were a child or young adult, perhaps you imagined that your life would be different than it is now, maybe even that you’d be famous or make a dent in the universe. Back when you still had those dreams, you probably found it easy to jump out of bed in the morning, and you were enthusiastic about working toward a better future. For most of us, unfortunately,… Read more

October 13, 2020

Keeping a cool head is not easy these days. There are so many issues that have our minds bound up in a web of negative emotions. We indeed have much to be angry about, sad about, and worried about, from economic concerns to environmental threats. It is perfectly natural and normal to feel these things in response to troubled times. Yet, these reactions rarely do us any good. If left unchecked, our stress and negativity can undermine our health and… Read more

September 22, 2020

Our modern world is a miracle of interconnectivity. We can easily stay in touch with people all over the world through social media, and we can buy food products from many different cultures at almost any grocery store. And, we can easily travel where we want when we want—across town or around the world. The dark side of this, however, as we have found out through the COVID-19 pandemic, is that new, highly contagious diseases can spread rapidly around the… Read more

August 18, 2020

Did you know there can be no life without growth? Biologists list it as a fundamental defining feature that defines an organism as “alive.” Even if we are not growing taller, our body is constantly growing and changing. Hair and nails constantly grow, and the cells of the body constantly regenerate. I would say the same thing is true for the soul. Without growth, the soul is essentially dead. Fortunately, though, our souls are never truly dead, and we always… Read more

July 7, 2020

If you have done much spiritual study, you probably already know that gratitude is an essential spiritual attitude. Without gratitude, our minds naturally focus on the negative until negativity becomes an ingrained habit, and the gift of life and the possibility for growth is lost to us. Typically, gratitude practice focuses on the external features of our lives— being grateful for the abundance we have, seeing struggle as an opportunity for growth, and so forth. But what if we were… Read more

June 9, 2020

Have you ever considered the fact that the world is made up of energy? We think of energy as a mystical, invisible force, but in reality everything is energy. If you are sitting in a chair right now, it certainly will appear as a solid mass to you. Yes, it is solid, but if you could shrink down small enough, you would see that it, and every other object in the world, is actually mostly empty space. The sensation and… Read more

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