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Chinese translation of Saving God’s Face:    

Simplified Characters: Link 1: 挽回神的脸,  Link 2: 挽回神的脸

Complex Characters: Link 1: 挽回神的臉,  Link 2: 挽回神的臉


Contextualizing the Gospel
Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes
Honor, Shame, and Ministry among Refugees (Part 1)


1. The Creator King (online presentation)

Booklet (tract)

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How to use the “Creator King” 

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Bookmark #1 –– “The Creator King”                     English             Chinese

Bookmark #2 –– “The Creator King”                     English             Chinese


2. The Promises of God (online presentation)

Short Version (booklet/tract)                        

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Full Version (booklet/tract)                    

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How to use “The Promises of God”                     English           Chinese        

Bookmark #1 –– “The Promises of God”                 Chinese

Bookmark #2 –– “The Promises of God”                Chinese


Biblical Interpretation

1. “Interpreting the Bible with only the Bible”

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2. Interpretation Bookmark (Chinese only)

Contextualization Maps

For explanations, PDFs, and Excel templates of contextualization maps, click here.

I’ve adapted the idea of “message maps” to create “contextualization maps.” We need to think about various factors that shape contextualization.  These include cultural, historical, and biblical contexts.

Therefore, a contextualization map is not a formula. Instead, it provides a flexible framework to guide our thinking.

This simple tool helps in two ways. First, we contextualize our message for the sake of our listeners. Second, it helps us plan ahead so that we can make the most of the brief time we have with others.

Biblical Theology

Theology from a Box

This packet trains people in biblical theology. It is designed to help people teach people the grand biblical narrative in a way that is both comprehensive and balanced while taking serious key themes from Eastern cultures. The model can be used by new and older believers, irrespective of education level. For a less detailed Chinese version of the packet, click here.

For the “Theology from a Box” blog series, click here.


Four Training Videos (from 2016 SBC Theology Conference)

These videos explore a practical approach to contextualizing the gospel in a way that is biblically faithful and culturally meaningful. They propose a firm but flexible model of contextualization that is rooted in biblical theology and useful for doing ministry in any cultural context. Accordingly, we are able to put together theology and missiology so that the Bible shapes both our message and our methods.

The link above includes video, audio, and study guides for each session.

Contextualization Packet for Short-term Cross Cultural Workers

This packet is an orientation to contextualization, specifically designed for short-term workers. Long-term workers can use this packet to train national partners, team members, and short-term volunteer teams. The packet also contains a short bibliography for those looking for introductions to various topics.

Other Resources

Chinese Characters in HeHeBen (和合本) New Testament (frequency order)


My interview on the Deep Waters Podcast (about contextualization, honor, shame, and the gospel)