Why is this blog different from all other blogs?

Well, let’s begin with the name. It’s a fabulous name don’t you think? Once you hear it, it’s hard to forget. And in its tantalizing way, makes you wonder: is this a sex column? Or a relationship advice column? Or a bare-all-tell-all-memoiresque column that celebrates tantric sexual rites or speaks the language of 50 Shades of Grey?

No, not really. Sorry to disappoint.

But! This blog is a pleasure spot for sure, one that hosts playful and provocative pieces. We at the Jewish G Spot champion outstanding content, written by yours truly, Gabrielle (hence the “G”)  along with an indomitable crew of All Star Guest Blogger— talented Jewish women writers who I’ve collected and connected with these past 29 years.

I believe in quality. I believe in poetry. I believe in the absurd. I believe in synchronicity and meaning and humanity and individuation and storytelling and revelation and activism and entertainment. I want all of these things and more to runneth over—in abundance–

on the Jewish G Spot. This is a place that scorns deprivation and celebrates gratification… along with personal growth and collective progress.

When I landed on the name for this site, I was reminded of a psychology class I took my senior year of high school. I remember reading about an experiment in which mice, who were hooked up to electrodes, could choose whether to receive either food or electrical impulses that triggered the pleasure/reward centers of the brain. Time and time again, the mice would choose to activate their pleasure centers, often foregoing food for days at a time. Some even starved themselves to death in order to experience a continuous flood of pleasure.

Now, I’m not advocating pleasure at all cost; I just recognize (and perhaps I’m not alone) that as a young Jewish woman I am bombarded with “shoulds” and obligations, responsibilities and overwhelming stress. I hope this site becomes a little haven (for me and you) that might offer a daily chuckle, a weekly revelation, perhaps even the occasional catharsis.

Do let me know your thoughts, friends! What you like, what tickles your fancy, what warms your heart—or your G spot. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!

Let’s enjoy. Let’s indulge. To play, pleasure, entertainment, and enlightenment!