Oklahoma Sends Its Devil to Detroit; Detroit Falls For It

Oklahoma Sends Its Devil to Detroit; Detroit Falls For It July 12, 2015

As if Detroit didn’t have troubles enough already, the city is about to welcome a statue of Baphomet, a pagan idol “worshipped” by the Satanic Temple.

Since the 1970s, Detroit has been known for the widespread arson and vandalism which occur each year on October 30, “Devil’s Night.” Now, the devil will have his own monument in the Motor City.

The one-ton, 9-foot-tall bronze statue will be unveiled July 25, even though protests by pastors and local residents convinced Bert’s Warehouse, the restaurant and entertainment complex in Eastern Market where the statue was to be placed, to back out of the deal. The new location has not yet been announced publicly.

The name “Baphomet” dates to July 1098, when it was found in a letter written by Raymond of Aguilers, who was a crusader in the First Crusade. The creature was frequently associated with the Knights Templar; in modern times, it has been a symbol for the occult and for Satanic worship.

In the mid-19th century, an occultist by the name of Eliphas Levi sketched the creature as it appears today: a goat’s head atop a human body, with horns and wings. Satanists explain that the creature’s binary elements (such as both male and female characteristics, as well as good and evil) represent the “sum total of the universe.”

The statue which is coming to Detroit depicts Baphomet with two children, a boy and a girl. The monster has a large lap, on which devil-worshippers will be encouraged to sit for photos.

*     *     *     *     *


The Satanic Temple is not a “religion” in the sense that its members worship a god. Rather, they seem to be organized as a protest movement against people of faith. They have campaigned actively against Michigan’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. They insist that women should have access to abortion and contraceptives, and campaign in support of same-sex “marriage.” They believe that the fetus is not a “person” but is, rather, “tissue that belongs to a woman.” They demand that religious symbols should be obliterated from the public square.

Jex Blackmore, director of the Detroit Satanic Temple chapter, said in an interview with Fox News:

“The message behind Baphomet is a reconciliation of the opposites, not this call to arms of one against one, but a merging of the two. That’s part of the reason that it can only exist standing next to the Ten Commandments. That’s part of the message. We wouldn’t want to proselytize as a single voice in the public square.”

The Satanic Temple of Detroit, which is organizing the new installation, describes itself as

“a non-theistic religious organization dedicated to Satanic practice and the promotion of Satanic rights. We understand the Satanic figure as a symbol of man’s inherent nature, representative of the eternal rebel, enlightened inquiry and personal freedom rather than a supernatural deity or being.” 

*     *     *     *     *


The group’s website explains that the statue was originally planned for the Oklahoma State House. When the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that no religious image could be displayed on government property, They first considered displaying the work in Arkansas. In the end, though, they chose Detroit–where the first chapter was established

The statue of Baphomet, a manifestation of Satan, was originally intended to be installed at the State House in Oklahoma City, beside a representation of the Ten Commandments. However, after the Oklahoma Supreme Court acted last year to remove the Ten Commandments from the public square, the Satanic Temple set out to find a new home for its statue. Detroit seemed a natural spot: 

The Satanic Temple invites you to join us for a night of chaos, noise, and debauchery at The Unveiling, a hedonistic celebration introducing the controversial Baphomet monument accompanied by provocative performances and installations.

Never before seen in public, The Satanic Temple Baphomet monument is already the most controversial and politically charged contemporary work of art in the world. Weighing one ton and towering at nearly nine feet tall, the bronze statue is not only an unparalleled artistic triumph, but stands as a testament to plurality and the power of collective action. The event will serve as a call-to-arms from which we’ll kick off our largest fight to date in the name of individual rights to free exercise against self-serving theocrats.

Come dance with the Devil and experience history in the making.

The Satanic Temple will not disclose the location of the unveiling in advance. Interested persons who are at least 18 years of age must order a ticket on-line; no tickets will be sold at the door, and no last-minute applications will be accepted. The Satanic Temple of Detroit explains on their website:

VIP ticket holders will have an exclusive opportunity to be photographed seated on the Baphomet monument, and will receive a limited edition event poster which they can have autographed by Lucien Greaves.

In a statement released earlier this year, Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves said,

“The statue will serve as a beacon calling for compassion and empathy among all living creatures. The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.”


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  • Robin Warchol

    Yes, if Detroit doesn’t have enough problems. God help us.

  • Re Ja

    Sounds like they are just a bunch of obnoxious atheists with a religion of self-worship and a statue. That’s nothing new, except for the statue. As long as they are not trying to do this on public property or claim to have taken possession of a host I think they should be ignored.

    • Korou

      Quite right.

    • cary_w

      “As long as they are not trying to do this on public property…”

      Exactly! Do you understand now why some non-Christians are opposed to 10-commandment monuments on public property?

      • Korou

        To conservative Christians turnabout isn’t fair play, it’s just backward.

      • Re Ja

        I’ve never been much for overt religious displays on public property, especially if they have no real purpose or association with the location. Our foundational laws were loosely based on the 10 commandments and Judeo-Christian morals/ethics. At least there is some good basis in reasoning and history for them to be on courthouse property.

        The main reason I would object to them doing it on public property is because of how atheists have demanded the same of other religions. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

        • Korou

          Apart from the fact that they directly contradict the letter and spirit of U.S. laws. Religious freedom means that you can have other gods (or none) before Yahweh, that you can worship graven images and that you don’t have to keep the Sabbath holy. As to not stealing, lying, murdering or committing adultery, etc., two of those are not and should not be illegal, and nobody has ever needed the Bible to tell them that these things are wrong anyway.

  • Urgh, how repulsive. There’s something mentally off people who worship evil or the devil.

    • cary_w

      “Urgh, how repulsive. There’s something mentally off people who worship…” a god who committed mass genocide by drowning every person on Earth except for one small family.

      You may not understand or agree with someone of a different faith, but you have to admit, your religion doesn’t look that great to an outsider either. We should all strive to be more tolerant and accepting of other’s beliefs.

      • I understand people worshiping a different faith. I don’t understand anyone worshiping evil. Tolerance doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to an opinion.

        • cary_w

          You may think they are worshiping evil, but there are plenty of others who think they are not. There are also plenty of religions that would say you are worshiping a false God and are therefore worshiping evil yourself. Who gets to decide who is right?

          I think that’s why there can never be true religious tolerance between different faiths. All religions work on the underlying premise that they are the one true religion and everyone else is wrong. That just doesn’t leave any room for debate or compromise when the only outcome is, I’m right and the rest of you are doomed because you’re worhsiping the wrong God.

          • By definition they are worshiping satan, which is not another religion but an element of Christianity. This is not another religion but anti Christian.

          • cary_w

            Who are you to decide what is another religon and what is not? A Mormon might call you anti-Mormon because you reject the prophet, Joseph Smith; a Muslim might call you anti-muslim because you reject Muhammad. Your religion mught be the most common religion in the US, but that doesn’t make it special.

            I’m not saying you necessarily do this, but it amazes me how people who get all worked up about their own religious freedom and support things like the RFRA seem to have no clue that minority religions exist and might want to use the religious freedom argument to get special privileges too. Once you gain privileges for Christians, other religions, that you don’t like, are going to be demanding privileges too. When you insist on putting blatantly Christian monuments on public grounds, other undesirable religions are going to want to have their monuments displayed as well.

            And of course, read to the end of the post, in Detroit they are not trying to put anything on public land, they’re just trying to have a private, members only, ceremony and they’re recieving death threats and being refused services. That’s just flat out hate towards a minority religion.

          • Where did I say you didn’t have the right to worship satan? Where did I say you should be censored? I didn’t. All I said was that there is something off about people who worship evil. I even mentioned this was my opinion. So buzz off.

          • Gardoch

            “Oh sky cake…. Why are you so delicious?!?”
            Patton Oswalt

  • captcrisis

    The whole point is to tick off people like you. And it’s working, as always. Conservative Catholics are so easily baited.

  • Korou

    I have to admire the way you take this and spin it into a ghost story. This is one of the most non-eventful things I’ve ever read, but you sure do make it sound scary!

    ““The statue will serve as a beacon calling for compassion and empathy among all living creatures. The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.”

    What a monster!

    • Re Ja

      If you think that group or that statue represent “compassion and empathy among all living creatures.” you’re deluded. No one who represents that would ever associate themselves with the word satan just out of simple respect for those for whom satan represents evil. This is an intentional poke in the eye to Christians. I think you have scales over your eyes.

      • Korou

        Well they say that it does – and given the good work that Kathy tell us they’ve done I’m inclined to take their word for it, no matter that some professional persecutees choose to take offence.

      • Rob B.

        Given that Anton Lavey said that he was inspired by the philosophy of Ayn Rand, I’d say that empathy and compassion are pretty low on the priority list for these folks…

  • Korou

    I remember I saw a lovely children’s colouring book they produce, full of pictures of children being open-minded, caring and sharing.

    • JaniceInToronto

      I own their colouring book. We use it for colouring with crayons every solstice when the kids come to visit. Family fun!

      • Korou

        How nice!

  • Korou

    “They insist that women should have access to abortion and
    contraceptives, and campaign in support of same-sex “marriage.”
    In this they are in agreement with a majority of Catholics in America and Europe.

    “They believe that the fetus is not a “person” but is, rather, “tissue that
    belongs to a woman.”
    So do many Christians, and even some Catholics.

    “They demand that religious symbols should be obliterated from the public square.”
    So does the law, the spirit of it if not the letter, depending on what you mean by “the public square”. Certainly religious symbols have no place in any position of government, as the law has clearly ruled many times.

  • roberto quintas

    I don’t know who is weirdest: christians who actually believe that Baphomet is a statue of Satan or satanists who curiously endorse this christian view.

  • Will
    • kathyschiffer

      The newspaper article is wrong, I believe. Arkansas was originally considered as a location, but they decided (probably because of funding) to ship it to Detroit, instead.

      • Will

        A source for this information would be good. I am interested.

        • kathyschiffer

          Alas, you are right. Watch for my article in tomorrow’s National Catholic Register.