Trump Wanting to Lock Up Hilary Is a Decoy

Trump Wanting to Lock Up Hilary Is a Decoy July 31, 2017

DonaldTrumpFirstDebatePresident Donald Trump and his supporters kept yelling during the presidential election campaign last year, “lock her up.” They were referring Trump’s opponent Hilary Clinton and the FBI investigation about her using a private server for her emails. They claimed she broke laws and thus should be punished, even doing time in jail. I thought it was ridiculous. FBI Director James Comey eventually announced that summer that they had closed the investigation because she committed no criminal wrongdoing.

When Trump then won the election and was inaugurated, he announced to the American public, thus not just his supporters, that the matter should be dropped. He added that Hilary had already suffered enough humiliation from the affair.

But recently, President Trump has gone back on his word and has been calling for the Justice Department to re-open that investigation. He is again saying that Mrs. Clinton committed criminal activity with her emails and that server. This call by the president to re-open the investigation makes no sense–except for one thing.

Donald Trump has all this strategy about how to do business. As far as I am concerned, much of it is unethical. He is a great big bully who constantly threatens people. He also does things in an attempt to change peoples’ focus.

In this case, I believe President Trump is calling for a reinvestigation of Hilary Clinton and her emails in order to change America’s focus from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of possible collusion of Trump and his election campaign people with Russians to get Trump election last year. If Mueller does turn up some seriously dirty laundry on Trump, he wants to show that Hilary was just as bad so that the result will be that he won’t be impeached or be convicted of crimes.

To me, this looks like a desperate, last-minute attempt to try to save himself. Donald Trump has been doing many things that make no sense except for this–he is trying to cover-up, and detract from, information that could be pretty damning for himself.

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