Is It Safe To Return To Normal Activities?

Is It Safe To Return To Normal Activities? May 7, 2020

Check out the video on YouTube.

Is it safe to return to normal activities?

Well, that’s a good question.

One of my friends on Facebook posted the query. I voted No.

I live in Massachusetts. The last time I checked we ranked #3 in terms of states hit by COVID-19. The governor issued a “Put a mask on you stupid gobs” order recently. The cities of Somerville and Cambridge already has one.

Even though I love the pub lifestyle (I haven’t added any weight during quarantine, and I believe it’s because I’m not at the pub with my drinking pants on) even when the bars do open I’ll avoid them for quite some time.

Did you know you can run polls on Twitter? I’ve been having fun with them. Past polls covered such interesting topics like:

  • Birds are avian dinosaurs. Does that mean a Tyrannosaurus Rex would taste like chicken?
  • Ever dated anyone in a cult?
  • If a human is having sex with a lycanthrope in its were-form is it bestiality? (Said lycanthrope is fully conscious and can give consent)

I decided to run this poll today.


Currently, only 23.1% believe it’s safe to go out and get infected (that’s a joke (?), BTW).

But what makes people think it’s OK to go out and engage in “normal activities”?

I have a few guesses:

  • If you don’t know the definition of a scientific theory, then you’re more likely to think it’s OK to go out and party.
  • Is the Earth 6,000 years old? If you answered yes, then you probably think Jesus will protect you.
  • Fan of Trump? If so, that places you in mortal danger.

Keep safe.

Keep healthy.

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