A Great Loss: Michael Been of The Call, One of the Great Rock Singers, Has Died

A Great Loss: Michael Been of The Call, One of the Great Rock Singers, Has Died August 19, 2010

A site called Buddyhead is reporting that Michael Been has died.

The site says:

Michael Been, Sound engineer and father of bassist Robert Been of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, was unwell Thursday in the backstage area of Pukkelpop. “The first aid was immediately administered by the workers of the Flemish Cross and the doctors present backstage.” says festival organizer Chokri Mahassine. “The Medical Emergency Team was immediately on the spot.” The 60-year-old man was rushed to the Salvator Hasselt hospital where he later died.


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  • Gene Branaman

    Wow. Very sad. I played a cassette version of The Call’s Reconciled in the 80’s until it wouldn’t play anymore. But I kept it anyway. One of the best albums of that decade. Everyone who heard it loved it. God rest his soul.

  • Paul

    August 1986 – the Coachhouse in San Juan Capistrano – as The Call took the stage, I went up front and put a note in front of Michael that asked that they please play All About You. As I put the note next to the set list, I noticed that All About You had been crossed off! When they came to that point in the set, Michael looked around at everybody, made eye contact, and they played it! A great loss, I’ll say some prayers.

  • Sad news. I’ll pray for his family. I loved the sound of his voice. I’m listening to “Let the Day Begin” right now.

  • Rob

    Saw The Call several times. The 2 best were in SF (Tonio K. opened), and in West Seattle @ Madison’s. A very sad day. “Now there’s a spring in your step, and your words are on fire”.