Everyone Is Wrong But Me

Everyone Is Wrong But Me July 3, 2018

Sometimes, I’m wrong. Sometimes, everyone is wrong but me. Here are some instances where that is so. (Everyone means lots of people).

1) Rouhani is still a fantastic president: Iran’s economy is in the toilet, and as a result, Rouhani has become an unpopular president. Almost no one stands to defend him these days. But everyone is wrong. You have to think about the reason for this economic malady. The main reason is, the government doesn’t have enough funds in dollars to balance the currency price, and that leads to an increase in the price of gold and inflation overall. But is it the fault of the government? No. The main reason for this is Trump violating the Iran Deal, and there are other reasons for it too – Rouhani’s budget proposal was defeated by the Parliament because it sparked protests back in January, but it would have saved lots of money for the government. Contrast this with Ahmadinejad, who had brought on the sanctions with his erratic behavior and overspending. I can’t blame Rouhani for the current situation.

2) The state can totally kill it own people: Whether you want to disagree with the death penalty or not, the idea that “the state shouldn’t be allowed to kill its own people” is a load of crap. The only distinguishing factor between state and non-state (citizens) is the fact that the state has a monopoly on violence and can use it in legal manners. If you want to argue against death penalty, use better arguments.

3) Shut the hell up about the Democrats already: People keep whining about the Democratic part in the US, asking them to “grow a spine” and such, and even if they grew entire fields of spines, it would be useless because the Democrats only have 49 votes in the senate. But other than that, when it comes to messaging, people want to whine, so they focus on the Democrats they disagree with. Point is, the Democrats have all the bases covered: some try to excite more turn out, some try to reach out to Trump voters, some focus on economy, and some try to flame the talk of impeachment. There’s no one strategy that works, and if you want ALL Democrats to act the same, you don’t understand politics.

4) Trump – Kim summit was good news:  Overall, I’m glad about the Singapore summit. It’s inherently good if the United States talks with its enemies, even if no concrete achievements are gained. And I’m glad that the US is canceling the military parade. I think the world becomes safer if the diplomacy is encouraged. This is, in my opinion, so far, the only good foreign policy move by Trump. Of course, some people go too far in praise too — he doesn’t deserve Nobel or any exaggerated accolades. And he is still a colossal disaster, from Iran deal to G7. But this particular act was overall a positive.

5) You are, most likely, a capitalist: I know you’re dissing capitalism because you think it makes you sound cool and upsets Aunt Abigail, but unless you believe in state ownership or communal ownership of all industries, then you are also a capitalist. Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are all capitalist nations, if you love them and want to become like them, then you are a capitalist. Universal healthcare, a welfare state, labor rights and unions, let alone roads and infrastructure, even universal basic income, none of these things are contradictory to capitalism, and can exist alongside it. Actually, if you ask a real socialist who’s not a poser like you, they’d probably tell you that these things are actually capitalism’s methods of surviving and delaying the proletariat revolution.

So here it was, five instances of me not being wrong unlike everyone (some people, but let me exaggerate).

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