James Madison University To Pay Record Settlement to Student Railroaded By Sex Assault Panel

James Madison University To Pay Record Settlement to Student Railroaded By Sex Assault Panel February 6, 2018

Some good news for a change, as the sex hysteria pendulum swings back toward justice.  The Daily Wire has the story about James Madison University (JMU):

A federal judge has recommended that James Madison University pay nearly $850,000 in damages to an anonymous student who says the school punished him for a rape he didn’t commit, using a secretive process that didn’t allow him to confront witnesses or present evidence.

Here’s what happened.

A female student (“Jane Doe”) accused a fellow student (“John Doe”) of rape, but a faculty panel said he was not guilty.  “Jane” wouldn’t comply with that outcome, however, and said she didn’t experience a fair hearing.  That’s when JMU created a second investigative body — but didn’t allow “John” to present evidence or confront witnesses.  This second body punished Doe, even though he was never found him guilty of any crime whatsoever.

This, my friends, is why you call the police when a rape happens, or in this case, does not happen.  These college administrators are not equipped to deal with sexual violence, and their “courts” are unduly affected by political correctness.  Thankfully, the judge saw through this.  “[T]he appeal board effectively reversed the decision of the hearing board without any explanation whatsoever and without ever expressing a finding that Doe was responsible for sexual misconduct,” he said.

“John Doe” won this case right before Christmas when another federal court judge ruled that JMU had violated his due process rights when they gave him a 5 and a half year suspension.

“James Madison, it seems, will have the honor of paying a record judgment as a reward for caving to feminists and sex assault activists,” reported Emily Zanotti.  This total might be up to $850,000.

Great news.  I hope writing that check will cause them to think long and hard before caving to the demands of sex hysteria and political correctness.

Image Credit: By Rtcpenguin [CC BY-SA 2.5 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

Hat Tip: Daily Wire

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