Fake Dudgeon

Fake Dudgeon March 6, 2012

So a fake testifies before Congress with fake testimony about her fake need for Catholics at a Catholic university to simultaneously stay out of her bedroom, yet subsidize her birth control. The hearings were, of course, as fake as a three dollar bill too, designed to gin up support for Obama’s fake claims that the Church is under some moral compulsion to pretend that contraceptives are “health care”.

In response, a professional blowhard, being overly blowhardish, forgets the first rule of political discourse, which is that it doesn’t matter how much a fake your opponent is if you are still perceived as a bully and a scoundrel for impugning the honor of a helpless damsel in distress. For days, he makes the mistake conservatives increasingly make and chooses to hate his opponent rather than defeat her.

Result: newly minted feminist icon gets the Poor Dear treatment from a media that is shocked!–shocked!–at blowhard’s boorish and brutal treatment of the fake. Andrew Sullivan, who has literally spent years, micro-analyzing the gynecology of Sarah Palin is suddenly fake horrified. The Obama Administration, fresh from receiving a million bucks from that feminist knight in shining armor Bill Maher, registered fake concern over mean blowhard. Sundry GOP and conservative luminaries and sponsors back slowly away or bolt and run.

Blowhard, finally sensing that he has not actually helped advance the cause of defeating the fake, offers tepid apology. Much fake breastbeating about “civility” from allies of the fake ensues as the political corpse of blowhard is dragged through the streets in triumph.

Meanwhile, the fake who testified before Congress remains a fake and the preposterous claim she is trying to make–that Catholics are simultaneously bound to mind their own business about her sex life while paying for it–goes studiously ignored by the fakes in the media whose job is not to inform, but to sell beer and shampoo and enforce unit cohesion on behalf of the sexual revolution.

An absolute festival of fakery.

All that said, if anything good comes out of this, it may be the breaking of the blowhard’s baleful and increasingly inexplicable grip on the right. But who will break the grip of the utter and complete fakes on the Left?

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