God and the Machine cracks me up

God and the Machine cracks me up September 4, 2012

Here’s Thomas McDonald, doing the autopsy on one of the weirdest imbroglios I have had the misfortune to witness. Fave part:

Your prayers for the good Father would be appreciated.


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  • HLI it seems, is on a decline. First is this crazy FB page by Fr. West that is off topic and largely off message, next there is some crazy article on Lifesite that quotes the Rome based leader of HLI who suggests that B16 thinks that those who would disagree with the Church should leave. But the original remarks but the original remarks do not suggest that in the least and anyone familiar with the work of B16 knows that he is very concerned with unity and any priest commentator should know that even the excommunicated remain in the Church. Lastly, there is this strange obsession with Mark Shea as a threat to Catholicism. It all suggests a decline in mission focus and a lack of oversight by the board and bishops. It is also illustrative of the circular firing squads that most often define the Church in general and the pro-life movement in specific.

    • Blog Goliard

      Have HLI and LifeSiteNews ever not been like this? Two corrosive habits of long-standing are visible here:

      1) Pro-aborts are devils! and anyone who doesn’t denounce their evil in the exact manner as we do is just as bad!

      2) There is no crappy behavior on our side. Or if there is, the people it’s directed towards deserve it. Or even if they don’t…back off man, we’re prolife! Why do you want to help the proaborts by exposing our wrongdoing…even if there were any, which there isn’t!

    • Ted Seeber

      I take it they’ve never read paragraphs 2300 to 2400 inclusive from the Catechism? They seem to have no clue about the pastoral concerns Courage and Project Rachel seem to do so well at addressing.

  • Jmac

    You’re at risk for liking gay people??! For SHAME, Mark! Didn’t you learn anything from this debacle? With those afflicted by SSA temptations (and them alone) as True American RepubliCatholics (TM), we are called to damn them often and with vitriol. Otherwise we get a wasteland of V2 hippy churches, and might stop giving tax cuts to the rich! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?!

  • beccolina

    If we combine the near infinite cuteness of Lucy the Cuteness with the near-infinte cuteness of cute toddlers everywhere (including my Miss Mena Bug), we will have an unstoppable force for good, or at least cuteness. There will be minions. And conquering. And bottles and binkies.

  • Margaret

    She really is adorable, Mark. How does your clan feel about arranged marriages? 🙂

    • Mark Shea

      Tell your kid to get in line. 🙂

      • Margaret

        Meh. Not so good yet at the “get in line” part yet. Or “don’t make too much noise at Mass” or “stop stripping down to your diaper” or “time for bed.” He is, however, outstanding at peek-a-boo, and sings along enthusiastically to Yellow Submarine and the Three Stooges’ recording of “Three Little Fishies.”

        Maybe in a few years… 😉

  • beccolina

    My son has one up on yous then–he’s potty trained. 😀 Of course, since the Cuteness is neither train nor tractor, he wouldn’t notice her at all.