My friend Marcus Daly needs our help

My friend Marcus Daly needs our help March 22, 2018

You may remember Marcus from this video:

A few weeks ago, Marcus severed 2 1/2 fingers in an accident.  This directly impacts his livelihood.  So now he writes:

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, 3 weeks ago, while building coffins in my shop, I cut 2 ½ fingers off my left hand. Surgeons spent seven hours reattaching one of my fingers and we are hopeful about the prognosis. That said, I am told that it could be a year of rehabilitation and possibly more surgeries before my hand is really functional.

This has been quite a Lent.

Many people have asked if we need help.

We do.

Over the next three months, I hope to move Marian caskets to the next level. Doing so will require, primarily, three things:

  1. Upgrading our safety equipment (a new table saw to ensure that no one else is similarly injured and a better dust collection system to maintain long-term lung health). ($6000)
  2. Compensating the people who have stepped up to help me build up inventory in the shop. ($12,000)
  3. Keeping the wolf from the door while I heal and put my time and energy into making the message of Marian caskets more widely known. I will do this by using social media,  speaking in parishes and doing more interviews, with the dual aim of generating a wider awareness of Marian Caskets and articulating the hope we all have in Jesus’ saving victory over the grave.($22,500)

All told, I am attempting to raise $40,500.

Donations can be made with a credit card at or by check to:

Marian caskets

PO Box 13069

Burton, WA 98013

Additionally, I’d be very grateful if everyone who receives this email would try hard to come up with 5-10 friends or family members who would be interested in supporting this work of mercy, and forward it to them with a personal, introductory, note.

I know this is a lot to ask, and I don’t do it lightly.

I am so thankful this happened to me and not someone else working here. Please pray for my family, my healing and Marian Caskets’ success in increasing the light we can shed in the darkness. Thank you all.

In Christ Eternal,


Marcus Daly

Marian Caskets

Bringing Eternity to Life

Please help if you can.  You guys are always so generous.  So thanks in advance for helping a good man.

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