Review: The Crooked Path

Review: The Crooked Path April 4, 2020

The Crooked Path: An Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft by Kelden is the book I wish I had when I began exploring Trad Craft. This book serves as the perfect entry point into exploring and understanding the fundamentals of Traditional Witchcraft, which are witchcraft practices rooted in folkloric witchery. Not only does Kelden break down the basic current which unites these collective paths we call Traditional Witchcraft, but he also clears up many misconceptions about it. Kelden’s writing style is approachable and has done for Trad Craft what Scott Cunningham did for Wicca, offering a welcoming yet clear and concise break down of the cosmology and praxis of Trad Craft while maintaining accessibility.

The Crooked Path is well researched and well written and is sure to be a classic primer on Traditional Witchcraft for years to come. One of the gems about this book is that Kelden encourages a spirit of exploration of building a personal practice that resonates with the individual and their views that is still in alignment with Traditional Witchcraft. He achieves this by maintaining the encouragement of introspection and journaling, which ensures that any magickal practice will be personal and powerful for the individual. Gemma Gary, a well respected authority on Traditional Witchcraft has written a beautiful foreword which introduces Kelden’s work. I look forward to future books by Kelden and believe this book will benefit any witch, regardless of what tradition of witchcraft they practice.

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