Numbers February 5, 2015

My scale broke last summer. I haven’t replaced it yet. I kinda like not having one around. Last time I checked, I was just over 170 pounds. I am 31 years old and 5’ 5”. I have petite shoulders and an hourglass figure. It’s not that my weight at this point is healthy, it isn’t, and my doctor and I are working on finding a solution, but the chart says I should be under 150 pounds.

I’ve been there before, even after I had four children. I am on medication that has packed on about 20 pounds in one summer, but none of that information is taken into account when I step on a scale. The details don’t matter when we calculate my BMI. The chart says I’m overweight. But I don’t trust the numbers….

My scale didn't show my love

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  • Thank you for sharing this. I love when someone writes just what I need to read in the very moment I need to see it. Definitely a god thing. I am so struggling to keep this xtra weight on and be ok when I’m feeling so not ok.