March 15, 2023

Enneagram is a personality typing tool. It’s rooted in ancient knowledge traditions. It’s been around since about 330 AD. I think it’s really rooted in some of these ancient traditions and things, like mindfulness. The word itself, Enneagram, means a nine-sided figure. It comes from a Greek word. The figure that we’re talking about here is a circle. There are nine types, numbers one through nine. They’re next to each other on the circle as you go around. The Enneagram... Read more

November 16, 2022

Research shows mindful leadership training and coaching supports three major categories: (a) decrease in stress and overcoming burnout, (2) better organization and focus, and (3) improved relationships and how you are perceived by others. Listen and find out how study participants are gaining these benefits with mindful leadership skills.If your mindset is the beliefs you bring to a situation, how does your mindfulness compare to your mindset? Mindful leadership experts say the key to successful leadership is having a combination... Read more

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