cartoon: graphic illustration “Solitude”

cartoon: graphic illustration “Solitude” November 15, 2010

Ink and graphite on Arches watercolor paper, 8″x10″ (20cm x 25cm). You can buy the original or a fine art print of it HERE.

This girl keeps appearing, emerging out of the depths of my unconscious. This drawing took so many hours with thousands of strokes. I really didn’t have a plan, but this image unfolded before me.

It has an eerie feel to it. But I also see, in the girl’s vulnerability, an unusual strength. This describes graphically what I’m feeling right now. A bit lonely, surrounded by darkness, with a reflected rather than direct light. I feel vulnerable though strong. I am in a passage between yesterday and tomorrow. It is a strange but necessary time. I’m calling her Sophia.

Ink and graphite on Arches watercolor paper, 8″x10″ (20cm x 25cm). You can buy the original or a fine art print of it HERE.

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  • ooooh……


  • This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! To me it does not feel eerie, but rather soft and comforting and peaceful. I hope eventually that is also how you will feel about your situation.

  • NotPaul

    Beautiful, just lovely.

  • To me, she is Sophia – a name taken from the Greek word for wisdom. These images seem to be in line with the Jewish characterization of the wisdom of God as feminine. Sophia is God – solitary, independent, beautiful, courageous, strong and strong-willed, and very comfortable with herself.

  • I can identify with your present journey David – weakness and strength at the same time – sometimes just not knowing who we are! I’ve come to see that after times of enlightenment times of darkness usually follow. Apparently a common occurrence following a radical change in consciousness – the old religious persona is left behind as we reach out for the ‘I’ joined to the Abba of Yeshua.

  • k8

    The ones with the girls in them – ones like this one? Remind me of me. All the time, they do.

  • cool k8

  • Ann Yoder

    Wonderful, again, David. Did you access my unconscious as well???!

  • tc

    She’s beautiful.

  • tc: she is. in so many ways.

  • She’s becoming strong and comfortable with herself.

  • preacherlady: yes. i think that’s right.

  • April

    I stumbled onto your site, as I’m sure many do, and I got sucked in by the vulnerability and ballsiness (for lack of a better word) of the things you’ve posted. Many of the “Sophia” pieces are breathtaking, but the moment this one scrolled onto the screen everything in me stopped. By the time I’d collected myself enough to tear my eyes away from the scene, tears were running down my face. I hate it when that happens lol. Thank you for posting these pieces along with your words for random people like me to see and be affected by. They’re very good ~

  • thanks so much April. I appreciate it when people take the time to tell me what they think and how they feel. Thanks so much!