tribute cartoon for Roger Ebert

tribute cartoon for Roger Ebert April 4, 2013
roger ebert tribute cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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Roger Ebert, probably the most influential film critic ever, has died at age 70. His famous thumbs up or down could make or break a film.

We spoke a few years ago. I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Ebert when he used my cartoon drawn in sympathy for Christopher Hitchens when he was dying of cancer. He posted it in The Chicago Sun Times.The cruel and unusual verbal attack Hitchens suffered from Christians on top of his illness was so disgusting to me, I felt the least I could do was draw a cartoon in an attempt to expose the foolishness of those irrational attacks.

I posted this cartoon twice. If you cant to read them, here and here. He was also very kind to compliment my Sophia drawing “Caught”.

Ebert was once asked what he would choose if there was one movie that was to play over and over again and one snack to be served in Heaven, he responded “‘Citizen Kane’ and vanilla Haagen-Dazs ice cream.” I think he’s wrong. If there is such a Heaven, it would be “Thin Red Line” and nachos fully loaded.

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  • shelly

    Maybe in the balcony it’s Citizen Kane and vanilla Haagen-Dasz? 🙂

  • When a “liberal” person attacks Christians it is not disgusting. Hitchens, in a video I saw, was “grateful” for all the people who were praying for him and his recovery. Even though he did not believe, he hoped it might work some how, or some other witty quip. He also praised Francis Collins who was personally caring for him and also working on some kind of DNA cure for him, whatever that was. He talked about that in some debate with four other people about the afterlife, or some such topic. Also, unfortunately, though Hitchens was brilliant and I love listening to him, he did not shy away from talking big about things he did not know much about. Whether or not he was in his depth, he made huge pronouncements, and many of those not kind at all. Not true. And not kind.

    In these arenas and on-line, and with some nut-cases always grabbing the headlines, there seems to be nothing but non-sense out there.

  • Kris

    Christians claim to follow a man who loved all and told people to “turn the other cheek,” and to “love your neighbor as you love yourself,” and told his followers to expect persecution, so it is particularly disgusting when Christians attack others. You cannot put the same expectations on those who are not Christian.

  • No kidding. Liberals can be utterly vile towards Christians and Christ Himself. No problem.

    You get Christians who just happen to be a little less than Christlike (like we all are)…and the fit hits the shan.

  • Gary

    I don’t blame liberals for their criticisms of “Christians”. Most of what passes for Christianity today ceased to resemble what Christ taught a long time ago.

  • Good one, David.

  • bob

    The Old Adam – “Liberals can be [b]utterly vile towards[/b] Christians…” Translation – disagree with.

    The Old Adam – “Christians who just happen to be [b]a little less than[/b] Christlike…” Translation – make death threats.

  • that’s great bob!! thanks. good to see you again as well.

  • Christians are NO better or NO worse than anybody else.

    We are ALL beggars.

    Christians just happen to know where the Bread line is.


    Make death threats? What the hell are you talking about, Bob? I think you have us confused with Muslims. 10% of whom think it is ok to kill in the name of allah.

  • i just KNEW Old Adam would bring in the Muslims on this one. I JUST KNEW IT 🙂 I’m a friggin’ prophet!

  • RA Wasserman

    The Balcony is Closed!

  • Joe

    Citizen Kane, not Cane. Fine cartoon.

  • oops. thanks for that correction. done!

  • bob

    Old Man, read about Dr. Deandre Poole, the professor at Florida Atlantic University who recently had his students write “Jesus” on paper then stomp on the paper. He had to be put on administrative leave due to DEATH THREATS. I mean, you just said “Christians are NO better or NO worse than anybody else” and in the same breath you claim that Christians are completely different from Muslims. Me thinks your eyes are covered with a very old and dry layer of bible leather.