prayer as gossip

prayer as gossip June 19, 2013

let us prayer prayer as gossip cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Sometimes praying is more like prying.

Be careful what you share at prayer meetings.

The offer of intimate fellowship is intoxicating and can make you confess things you may regret later. If you confess anything about your lack of faith, finances, sexuality, questions… chances are that others will miraculously find out about it. Or, if the confessions are serious enough it may cost you the level of privilege that you now enjoy. Some people will not be able to help holding it against you. I compare prayer meetings to the internet… once it’s out there it’s out there and there’s no getting it back. The information you publish may be used against you.

So I just want to issue a warning. Take care with what you share.

Sometimes… not all the time but sometimes… prayer is more like prying.

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  • Dennis Irwin

    uummm…..Definitely agree. Work hard at growing long term real friendships.

  • clarkbp

    Same goes for “Prayer requests.” I cringe. So often we are just giving all the details about other people so that we can show how much of the gossip we have the inside scoop on, then we “pray” for them. When we share our personal stuff in one group, it often ends up as a “prayer request” in another. Love this one. Spot on.

  • klhayes

    I remember hearing a story about a woman who was in a church group and talked about her previous marriage. After that, she heard someone who was supposed to be a friend talking about it to someone else in a condescending way. The issue was regarding friendship but I think it relates to this. Gossip is rampant in churches just like it is in other parts of our lives. I have learned how damaging it can be on both ends and work hard not to do it.