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Screenshot_2016-01-23-04-53-41_1_burnedSince the launch of the NbA Muslims website, there have been some dramatic changes.  NbA Muslims has evolved from a component to my master’s thesis into a space to highlight the experiences of native-born American Muslims of African, European, and Latino descent and the works of fiction produced by the authors of the vibrant and diverse NbA Muslim culture.

I am thrilled that NbA Muslims is budding into a socio-cultural platform for some unique aspects of the American Muslim experience. While the primary focus of NbA Muslims will remain native-born American Muslims according to the project’s original definition of such (African-American, Euro-American, Latino-American, and Native-American), there are opportunities for the exceptional works of non-NbA Muslims to be featured on occasion.  For example, author Papatia Feauxzar’s work is a unique and dynamic contribution to the American Muslim fiction literary canon, and it is a pleasure to feature her as an NbA Muslims author.

I pray to Allah that NbA Muslims can continue to be a platform for members of  distinctive American heritages as well as the American Muslim experience.

Layla Abdullah-Poulos






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