Quoting Quiverfull: “Quiet Bombs”?

Quoting Quiverfull: “Quiet Bombs”? December 7, 2013
Poor Jimmy Harper in “Reefer Madness” after opening that “Door of Darkness”

by Tim Price of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church posted at Ladies Against Feminism – The Door of Darkness

When boys enter into puberty, they discover a door within themselves that has a sign saying, “DO NOT ENTER!” It is the door of sexual exploration and it has been presented to them by their new-found hormones. It is his responsibility to keep that door closed and to even guard it against any outside attempt — , i.e. seduction and temptation, — at prying it open. This is his first “rite of passage” into manhood, the first battle which begins with his own flesh.

Proverbs 5:7-8; 20-21: Now then, my sons, listen to me and do not depart from the words of my mouth. Keep your way far from her and do not go near the door of her house,… For why should you, my son, be exhilarated with an adulteress and embrace the bosom of a foreigner? For the ways of a man are before the eyes of the LORD, And He watches all his paths.

Unfortunately, some boys are quiet bombs ready to explode with sensuousness. All boys entering puberty lack the grace-given self control of the mature man, but some boys have no desire for it and would rather unleash their lust and have it satisfied. They want to force that forbidden door open rather than to fight and guard to keep it closed. There are a number of reasons for this which comes down to really two, i.e. poor parental practice and/or a rebellious disposition in the boy, but by the time the boy has forced open the door the old causes cannot be fixed.

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  • Saraquill

    I don’t like that this man is concerning himself with the sexual thoughts and actions of young boys. The way he writes implies that he’s given this much thought and imagination.

    Is this man aware that there were men in the Bible that enjoyed sex? And that Onan did not get into trouble for masturbating?

  • Nea

    Just in case anyone thought that the impossible standards were only given to women, one assumes.

  • persephone

    Well, women don’t actually have those feelings, donchaknow. We’re just happy little homemakers waiting for God to direct our fathers to find the right guys to marry us, then abuse and use our bodies at their whims.

  • persephone

    Nope, never, not at all. You’re supposed to sleep flat on your back with your arms above the covers, and never, ever leave a wet sheet for your mommy to find.

  • quietglow

    “Unfortunately, some boys are quiet bombs ready to explode with sensuousness.”

    If I went around asking people who said that, I think I’d get some very unfortunate answers, mostly involving people now in jail.

  • Hannah

    I’m pretty sure that verse was talking about being seduced away from God into worshipping false idols… especially by those who would use the powers of sex to entice them. Not masturbation. But I guess it’s all the same thing in these folks’ minds.

  • Hannah

    That’s why I plan to normalize masturbation to my kids (well… one reason anyways). Let ’em do it in the bathroom, then I don’t have to deal with it. And teach them how to do their own laundry. Probably less embarassing for the boys too, if they can deal with it without my help.

  • Nea

    Alas, yes.

  • persephone

    When my sons started volunteering to take showers, I knew what was happening. But I just ignore it (we’ve had the talk and been pretty open about answering questions and discussing birth control and the cost of having a child), and they don’t discuss it.