Quoting Quiverfull: College Just Extended Adolescense?

Quoting Quiverfull: College Just Extended Adolescense? March 6, 2014

by Ladies Against Feminism – Family Economics: Why I Hated College

Everyone seems to have a college degree, but no one seems to use it. 

We graduate from college ramping up scores of allegedly useful facts and critical thinking skills that ultimately teach us only how to do what we probably could have done already.

It used to be that once you graduate from college, you’re a commodity. Not everyone had a degree 20 or even 10 years ago, but thanks to the advent of the government figuring out that they can make a lot of money from hyper-educating people who have no business attending a liberal arts college, the value of a college degree has deflated tremendously overnight.

You’re not ready to grow up, so you go to college. Just like that, adolescence has been extended, and we buy into it thanks to shows like GreekUndeclared and every college movie since American Pie 2, which have convinced us that college is a party we can’t miss out on.

Correction: a very expensive party we can’t miss out on.

I don’t want to just blame the government because it’s ultimately become a culture thing. Our parents tell us to do it. The media glorifies it, and in the end, we’re convinced that college is a necessity, not a privilege.

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  • Allison the Great

    This article from Ladies against feminism (and apparently they’re against common sense and self respect too) is so full of shit it’s not even funny. College is not an extended party time. At least it’s not if you’re going for the right reasons. You are much better off having a college education, and even an advanced degree than you are getting married at 18 with no skill sets except for evangelism and making babies.

    I speak from personal experience here. When I was 18 years old, I was not mature enough for anything (so fuck no to marriage and having a family) I certainly wasn’t mature enough or ready for college. My parents made me go and I never went to class. BIG MISTAKE. After my parents realized what a mistake that was, I entered the job market. Seeing how hard it is to make a living with no marketable skills or education, I went back. I’m back in school (when not going through eye problems and shit, that is) and I plan on getting at the very least, a master’s degree. The problem is, that the cost of college has quadrupled in the last 10 years. So it seems that now college really IS for the privileged. I’m at a Jr. College right now. I plan on studying abroad for the rest of my education after that.

    The reason the value of the college degree has gone down is because the economy crashed. Plain and simple.

    I’m so sick of idiots like the person who wrote this article vilifying higher education. They have the mentality of “Our beliefs do not stand up to intelligence and it’s a lot harder to frighten and manipulate educated people with hellfire, so education is evil and suspect”.

  • Trollface McGee

    I don’t get the argument – they’re saying that college students are immature and not ready to be adults – so they should forgo college which helps many transition into the adult world with greater maturity – and instead get married and start popping out babies – because immature parents are a good thing?
    And of course, in between the constant orgies and drunken frat parties there is quite a bit of learning going on. Critical thinking is a skill that needs development, especially for kids growing up in fundie culture where critical thinking is either ignored or actively fought against. And those useless facts – really not that useless.Knowing stuff is good, it helps you understand the world and make good decisions for yourself – and that’s exactly what they don’t want young people doing.

  • Nea

    people who have no business attending a liberal arts college

    What a fascinating phrase. It has nothing to do with the need for a college degree in life (how the article starts) or if college provides a beneficial service (not, according to how the article ends). It’s as if the mask of rhetoric slips for a second and an ugly face of jealousy and misanthropy peeks out.

    Also, frankly, I doubt that anyone who thinks that “college movies” honestly teach what college is “really” like actually went to a secular school. Because I did — and there was a remarkable lack of togas, constant binge drinking, frats (not even allowed where I went), orgies, etc. Funny how I made it through higher education and got an actual higher education, not a damaged liver or STD.

    And there are so, so many jobs in this world where that higher education really is seriously needed to perform the task. Or would the OP truly prefer to have surgery performed by someone with only ATI training alone?

  • quietglow

    “…critical thinking skills that ultimately teach us only how to do what we probably could have done already…”

    Well, someone’s not thinking very critically.

  • Edie Moore McGee

    What a great new excuse for closing off opportunities to your children before they even get to consider them! And aren’t you wonderful, having benefited (whether you admit it or not) from higher education, then denying that opportunity to your own children. Sounds to me like the perfect way to justify your selfish decisions.

  • texcee

    College is not one extended party. It’s hard work, study, expensive books and classes, responsibility for getting your assignments done and in on time, learning to THINK about things, participation in class discussions, and stretching your mental boundaries. In all the years I was in college, I never went to a wild party, drank, did drugs, or went crazy. College is NOT “Animal House”. I was never date raped. I DID meet a man who I’m still with 41 years later. I met him in a class we were both taking and which reflected our common interests. There’s plenty of time after college to get married and pop out babies … oh, yeah, and have a career, too, with that “useless” college degree.

  • tulips

    I think they may have tipped their hand a skoche on this one. OK, sure…the control aspect still in full swing but…there is also a need to cya when all of the executive apprenticeships you’ve been promising will be lined up around the block on account of the character training sort of…fail to exist in reality. You have to ~do something~ to pacify the new underclass you made and keep them identifying with your propaganda. This is no easy trick once the individuals themselves get few years into grinding, soul crushing poverty and their parents notice the distinct lack of soft focus fairy tale. In fact, I suspect the “extended adolescence” rhetoric is explicitly designed to help rationalize while watching your children suffer and age at rates several magnitudes above that of their former peers.

  • tulips

    It doesn’t need to make sense because it’s not really intended for people who are truly deciding between accepting that scholarship to Harvard or betrothal to an 18 yr old (or 30 year old depending on cult sect) with no career, interests, or life experience who still lives with his Mommy. These decisions are predetermined, the rest is mop up.

  • Astrin Ymris

    I think another of the real objections is exposure to people raised outside the Christian Patriarchy bubble, who cause their kids to question what they’ve been taught.

  • tulips

    Right? Remedial biology for example.

  • Mel

    Well, what about the sciences then? I went to a religious (Catholic) college and got a Bachelors in Biology and Chemistry. Like pretty much all of my science and math buddies, I’ve been gainfully employed for the 10 years since I graduated.

    As several people hit on, this is just an exercise in justifying a pre-set idea. LAF doesn’t think women should go to college at all. All of this theoretical crap is just an attempt to explain WHY they are right.

  • Aimee Shulman

    This chick seems to have great difficulty grasping the fact that just because SHE apparently used college as a way to avoid growing up, this does not mean that everyone else there is also there to avoid adulthood. Many of us are there to learn things that will enable us to have a BETTER adulthood, such as the job skills that most degrees instill in us. Oh, but I forgot, women aren’t supposed to have job skills, only sammich-making and shutting-up-when-the-men-are-talking skills.

  • elanoreirlys

    Yep, its totally a party at my fashion college. A whole ton of sewing, pattern drafting and whatever else we have to learn every hour you’re awake. A completely useless diploma when I graduate. Totally not learning how to be a professional adult.

    I really wish I could invent a machine that could make people realize the errors of their ways. This kind of thinking from L.A.F. is so toxic.

  • gimpi1

    I think your last paragraph is spot-on DD.

    Also, a college education is cast as a “privilege?” Why do I think this person objects to student loans, scholarships or grants. Can’t’ afford higher education? Learn to be happy with your minimum-wage job. Oh, wait, I assume the writer opposes the minimum-wage laws too.

  • brbr2424

    ” Not everyone had a degree 20 or even 10 years ago”? What. In the decades staring in 2004 or 1994 college degrees were a rarity? “the government figuring out that they can make a lot of money from hyper-educating people? A government conspiracy?` Why would “the government” feel that educating people was a get rich quick scheme with no lasting benefit to society.

    If this author had gone through college she would have discovered that pulling information out of one’s bum is not acceptable.

  • Trollface McGee

    I think that is the real problem they have with college – it takes the kids out of their control, out of their bubble, and before you know it, they could be thinking for themselves.
    Of course, writing articles about how kids shouldn’t go to college because it might undo years of brainwashing doesn’t sound politically correct (or sane) so they make up ridiculous stories like these.

  • $97346805

    That’s interesting. I have a (liberal arts, gasp!) college degree and use it every day, in my field of study no less! So do most of my friends, co-workers and family members who have college degrees.

    I will agree on two points though: Some students see college as a party that can’t be missed, and it is in fact expensive. However, it doesn’t take long for reality to sink in and the partiers either buckle down or drop out.

  • elanoreirlys

    Word. I have so many resources and good instructors I know that I can get a good job after college and I would be useless without this diploma. No one hires a greenhorn without prior experience in my chosen career. The original writer at LAF needs to realize Hollywood has glamorized university and college life.

    (As a side note, I’ve been lurking here for at least three years and only de-lurked once or twice to comment. All of you guys on NLQ are beautiful people, FYI. I keep reading to see all of you emerge victorious in your newly chosen lives 🙂 )

  • Allison the Great

    That’s the thing I can’t stand about them, their ideas are never rooted in reality. They are so immersed in their extremist that they don’t have a firm grip about how real life really works. If you want to make it in life, you’ll do better if you have a good education and if you know some things.

  • Allison the Great

    True Christians don’t become doctors! That’s a secular career that involves the secular sciences, doncha know!

  • Vaughn Ohlman

    I wonder how many people here actually read the article? Some of the comments seem total disconnects. For example the author says,
    “College is a powerful investment that people are making without planning through. My solution is a simple one. Don’t go to college unless you know what kind of career you want. ”
    There are a lot of very secular people who are questioning the way that the education system is structured nowadays in the United States.
    AS someone who doesn’t believe women should go to college (For reasons which should be well known here) I didn’t find this article slanted that way at all. And as someone who is appalled that people are choosing college over the truly important things in life (marriage, children) I didn’t find it saying that, either.

  • Astrin Ymris

    True dat. To maintain brainwashing, you’ve got to keep up the indoctrination program as scheduled.

    It strikes me that a lot of what drives the Religious Right as a whole is the terror that “Our kids might not think like us!”

    I’d guess that Khalil Gibran’s ‘On Children’ is not included in most CPM-approved homeschooling curriculums.


  • tulips

    Agreed. I don’t know how it would even be possible for an inexperienced teenager to decide ~in advance as a requirement for going at all~ what specific field and area within that field and at what level they wanted to study. The entire argument is couched in associate degree language. It works to say you want to be a nurse and take classes to go be a nurse, not so much a neurobiologist studying the effects of X. There’s a lot of miles between high school graduation and post doc research in which people ~refine~ their plans based on actual experience + awareness of alternatives.

  • Allison the Great

    The truth about LAF is that their misogyny (which is disguised with a whole bunch of buzzwords) is a really hard thing to sell. Women have become so used to having the freedom to choose what happens to them, and we’re used to not absolutely having to get married to survive. The idea of going back to the whole barefoot and pregnant stupidity is just unattractive. I mean shit, why would ANYONE want to go back to that other than these downtrodden weirdos? The majority of women do not want to be in the home with 8-10 kids like the women who created LAF. Most sane women want the same respect and opportunities that men enjoy, so they have to say something to try to convince us that their way is better. Not only that but as I said before, their fear based religion can’t win against an education.

  • Allison the Great

    Yeah, them thinking that if it doesn’t agree with your beliefs 100% it must be evil does not count as critical thinking. lol

  • Nea

    I do wish the fundie fringe would get their story together. According to Michael Pearl, all us seculars are going to be begging to work for formerly beaten babies, using equipment invented by them, and getting surgery done by them.

    …you’d think that his own family would prove at least one example of that, wouldn’t you? After all, they were whipped by the master…

  • quietglow

    I’m reminded of this:


  • B.E. Miller

    Thanks for that link, I had not seen that poet before.
    PS reminds me of an incident where I over heard one of my nuns (this was way back in elementary) telling a parent that their kids were not ‘their kids’, that children are loaned to the parent from God, and one was supposed to do right by God’s loan. I’m not sure what prompted this, nor do I remember which parent was being chastised.

    However, now as an adult, I’d like to see more Christians adopt this stance. Your children are not your possessions, but instead little humans loaned to you by God, and you will be judged on how you treat God’s humans….

  • B.E. Miller

    I’m probably being too logical here, but if you plan to homeschool your kids, shouldn’t you at least get enough education to obtain a teacher’s certificate?

    (PS When I was going to college, there were young women there who were getting childhood education degrees, who were planning on homeschooling their kids. I wonder now if I was seeing the beginnings of QF.)

  • B.E. Miller

    Oh, yeah, they’d probably have learn all about that pesky evolution stuff!