Quoting Quiverfull: Still Trying?

Quoting Quiverfull: Still Trying? May 28, 2014

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar from The Christian Post – Michelle Duggar Says Conception ‘Not Totally Impossible but Most Unlikely’ After Visit to OB-GYN

Michelle –
“Conception is not totally impossible, but most unlikely,” Duggar says in the newest episode of “19 Kids & Counting.”

Jim Bob –
“We’ve always put this in God’s hands,” Jim Bob adds in the show, “and if God wants to give us more children, we are going to be happy either way.”

So why was the doctor called a fertility doctor in some media outlets, a high-risk pregnancy specialist in others and now on the show being down graded to a regular OB-GYN?

Read the entire article at The Christian Post

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  • Carry

    Are they trying to pull an Abraham and Sarah? Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you want to be like them so much, ditch the house and live in tents in the wilderness. You already lost Jubilee plus you have 19 other existing children. Take the fucking hint from God and just let it go.

  • Allison the Great

    Besides that, they’re running out of names that begin with J.

  • Trollface McGee

    It’s all about the ratings. If it was about the kids, they could always adopt, but they know the only reason most people watch the show is the freak-show baby factory. I also suspect that the courting episodes aren’t bringing in many viewers.

  • Mel

    Adoption is probably not an option for two reasons. First, the whole Gothard / ATI “sins of the parents” doctrine. Second, domestic and foreign adoptions on non-relatives require an income above the poverty line – anywhere between 120% to 150%. So, the two Duggar adults, kids 2-19 AND a new adopted baby would a family unit size of 21.

    Federal poverty line for 2014 for continental USA for a family unit of 8 people is $40,090 with an additional 4,060 dollars per person for 13 people which is an additional $52,780 in needed income. So, the Duggars need $92,870 in income each year to meet the federal poverty level.

    To hit 125%, they would need $116,088 per year.

    To hit 150%, they would need $139,305 per year.

    While I’m sure the Duggars make pretty good money by putting their lives on public display, I would imagine they would struggle to come up with $140,000 in set yearly income. (Especially since their most recent book was written by the older girls – two of whom will most likely be married within the next year and legally entitled to those royalty fees….)

  • Mel

    And nearly lost Josie. Michelle’s body isn’t handling pregnancies well and is having earlier and earlier onset pre-ecclampsia with each pregnancy.

    I don’t like the Duggars, but I would hate to see Michelle’s life end with her stroking out from uncontrolled ecclampsia and losing another baby.

  • Independent Thinker

    There is speculation that the Duggars would have issues with passing a home study as well. If they are using corporal punishment that is going to be a huge hurdle for passing a home study. Michelle has been asked about spanking in interviews and has never confirmed nor denied it. They mention blanket training in the first Duggar book which involves corporal punishment. They also had for years To Train Up A Child as recommended reading on their website.


    I linked where Michelle refuses to come right out and say if they spank or not. If they didn’t she would just say no, most likely.

  • Edie Moore McGee

    This probably depends on the state. In Maryland, you have to sign an agreement not to use corporal or humiliating punishment. Maryland is a fairly liberal state, though. In the heart of the Bible Belt, states might not place such restrictions on potential adoptive parents regarding discipline.

  • Nea

    There’s a third reason. Everything the Duggars do is so scrutinized that any possible question about the legitimacy of the agency would be all over the web in seconds. Heck, TLC would very likely have a Very Special Birthmother Interview. So no shady agencies, and no adoption as Christian mission.

  • Carry

    I know that of all the existing J names out there, I know they’ll refuse to use Jezebel. Plus some of the names sound suspiciously simular (Johanna and Joy-Anna, for example).

  • Carry

    Plus I’m curious if she may also have postpartum depression. My mom had it for a while, and that was after having just one. If she does, her smiles are about as fake as any other smile fundie wives are forced to wear every day, no matter what other emotions they’re feeling.