Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Your Husbands Obsessions?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Your Husbands Obsessions? February 27, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Debi Pearl from No Greater Joy – Obsessions 

Editor’s note: We’ll be sharing this article in bits and pieces over the next few days since so much of it is so sheerly awful. It’s one of the clearest examples of an over bearing husband’s crummy behavior in the world of Christian Patriarch Movement and is rife with abusive behavior and explaining/minimizing that same behavior. Today Debi explains about Michael’s hunting of those wascally wabbits and what happened in the aftermath of his hunting she had to deal with.

About an hour after dark he would stumble in the door half-frozen, smelling like blood, guts, and other filthy things. He always—always—returned from the hunt with a blinding migraine headache. He never spoke as he handed me six or eight stiff carcasses. I knew by the motioning of his head he meant for me to do something proper with them. By that time the poor old rabbits had ridden on his hip for most of the day. They were ripe, foul, and disgusting. That was exactly how I was feeling.

Hey, but I was a Created lady in the making and I was not going to let a small thing like being expected to skin and clean a few rotten rabbits (then figure out how to make them taste decent) deter me.

After two or three hunts I knew the scenario. He first took something for his migraine and then a long soak in a deep hot tub. After that he was ready for a good hot meal, but only if I had finished cleaning the rabbits and gotten the awful odor out of the kitchen.

For the next couple days I would wait on him hand and foot while he recovered, and then the process started all over again. Every year I was sure he would grow out of his obsession for rabbit hunting. Finally it happened. That was when he took up…well, that’s another story.

Why am I badmouthing my husband about something he did 40 years ago? Well, memories might be old, but so am I, and they are still there in my brain just as fresh as the day he handed me my first batch of six dead rabbits. I smile as I look back to those crazy days and I smile as I try to write to all you SANE females. I want you to know you are not alone in your quandary of having a husband that is too obsessed to do what he should be doing when he should be doing it.

Debi Pearl – Your Husband’s Obsessions

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