Quoting Quiverfull: Patriarchy Is Biblical – Get Over It?

Quoting Quiverfull: Patriarchy Is Biblical – Get Over It? July 27, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Vaughn Ohlman from True Love Doesn’t Rape – What is Patriarchy I: Defining Our Term

Editor’s note: So here’s the end results of another long posting by Von where he twists things and cherry picks the Bible. Because the word Patriarch is mentioned 14 times in the New Testament that makes it a real thing according to him. Followed by lots of ‘children must obey their fathers’ doubling down. Plus I have to say I always find it amusing when Christians that rant about the evils of homosexuality and/or alcohol love the King James Bible. The ruler for which it is named did commission scholars to do the translation while he was drinking and running around with his gay lover.

The term ‘patriarch’ in Scripture is not specifically defined by any passage. The underlying Greek could best be translated as something like ‘lineage ruler’.  The term is specifically used to refer to fourteen men: Abraham, David, and the twelve sons of Jacob.

And the concept of ‘patriarch’ is real and present in Scripture. One of the ten commandements(sic) is ‘honor thy father and thy mother’. Three of the case laws present the death penalty for violations of specfic(sic) aspects of the idea of honoring. And Christ Himself rebuked the pharisees for using their man-made regulations to defeat the purpose of God’s Holy and Perfect Law.

So the church cannot remain faithful to Scripture and try to run away from either the term or the idea of patriarchy. While the church must, as it does in every area, define and refute false definitions and prescriptions going under the name of ‘patriarchy’, it cannot do so by denying or denigrating the very real, very Biblical, definition and prescription of patriarchy.

Patriarchy, as defined by Scripture, is a very real, and very important, concept: the concept of a lineage-ruler. A man with a multitude of descendants who look to him and give him honor and obedience. It is a concept that has its roots in the very idea of God as Father. To deny ‘patriarchy’ is to deny one of the fundamental metaphors of all creation. It is time we took back and emphasized this important, Biblical word.

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